Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You spoke - The new class - Memories

I asked you what you wanted from my blog, and here are the answers:

80% of you want to read more stories about me and my bf. ok, we are having a boring relationship at the moment, no scandals and problems but I'll see what I can do.

50% of the people that answered wanted more real-life stories of me. good, that's easy:)

47% of the people wanted more near-naked Asian boy pictures. I put this on as a half-joke. It's quite popular though...I noticed that the numbers spiked after gayboythailand.com has linked to me. I can try to find some attractive guys, but done expect a second gayboythailand.com, ok?:)

40% wanted more info about BKK and also 40% wanted more bitchy opinions.

philosophical masterpieces were deeply unpopular. perhaps because I couldnt even spell it, and blogger didnt let me correct it. :)

I am glad about what you said. It's more or less how I write the blog already. I suppose I should include more stories on my bf and me, since I do not write so much about us.

Also, I might try to add a bit more visual appeal to the site. These things take up so much time though. Writing a text is one thing, adding pictures, uploading them, positioning them etc will double the time it takes for a blog entry.

Also I am happy to read that quite a few people like my opinions. What is a bitchofbangkok without being bitchy after all? If you want moneyboy-talk or god-like treatment of thai boys I suggest you go somewhere else anyway:)

The new series I started on sunday, i HEART bkk should give the blog a bit more a BKK-tinge. I think that will be enjoyable.

A rainy day.

I went to university today - hadnt been for over 3 weeks because I had been working from home. The new students were due for an information day. It was fun. Of course everyone was a bit surprised to see a handsome farang *joke* appear in front of the class.

My first glance into the classroom made me think: why did I not start THIS year? There were about 10 men, and some of them very good-looking. After some eye-contact with the cutest, in which we acknowledged that we were both gay and didnt mind each other's appearance, I thought: "maybe it's better I was in last year's class, things might have gone complicated and I would have been very distracted"

They were shy of course. No one came to talk to me. But I am sure, many of them had already gossipped about me. The cute boy asked as soon as I took the stage: "why did you come to Thailand?"

Should I have said? Because of you! Hahaha, corny. Anyway, I looked at him so much because he reminded me of Lumpini boy. Check my small story about him here: Lumpini boy is the only guy I never forgot. Even if we didnt have time to develop a special connection, when I think about him, I still feel shy.

There is more of a twist to the Lumpini boy story actually. Back when we met in September, we had a good time, until we went back to my home. Then, he suddenly looked at me and kissed me. We had sex but it was very odd.

When he came, he pulled my head away from his dick. I think I know why it was all so weird. I think he is HIV+. He wrote this in his online-profile. On this site, you can fill out a sexual health profile, and that's just what he did, so it cant just be a misunderstanding.

Thais react very badly when I told them I might have slept with a HIV+ person. I in turn got angry for reacting so badly. I feel that they have a right to sexuality - and it would not turn me off sleeping with someone.

We just need to be careful, just like with anyone else. In that case, he was being careful, and I am thankful for that.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get tested?

BB said...

I guess I should sometime. but not because of this non-incident.

prkmk said...

a college crush is the cutest thing you can get before getting too old...
good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

The safest path to take is to regard everyone as HIV+ and to protect yourself and him accordingly. Even if they say they are negative. - Ian

Anonymous said...

As long as you didn't get it in the eye!

BB said...

nothing went into the eye:) it all went on his tummy. dont worry about me guys, worry about lumpini boy instead.

prkrmrmrmkrkrk: I fear I am too old for that already. no, not too old. but too engaged maybe?