Thursday, May 7, 2009

BB starts a B&B and The Technician is back!

In case you wondered, no I hadnt been lynched by the Thai lovers for my slightly negative account of gay dating in BKK.

But, a wonderful debate has started with fellow bloggers BKKDREAMER and KAWADJAN stepping in too and all of us receiving a respectable amount of comments, which are irreplacable for the discussion!

Thank you all for your contributions. I have many more (self-critical) thoughts on this topic, yet I will rest the case for now.

Yesterday, the technician came back from his trip to Chiang Rai to see his boyfriend. He frantically waved me, when he saw me again, and was disappointed I didnt come to talk to him into his office.

Today, I spotted him looking at pictures of two kissing guys, one him and one his boyfriend. How sweet. Two hours later, as I went to 7/11 he was chatting with some guy who undressed himself...

I told mister technician that I am going to bed and that i'd come talk another day. He lifted his shirt (why???) and waved me goodnight.

Tomorrow morning, my new French faghag friend is arriving from Vientiane. I met her through my other French faghag, who accompanied me on my trip to Laos.

New faghag works at the French Embassy in Vientiane, and therefore we stayed at the Ambassade de France au Laos. How classy that was!

Ambassadeur Bitchofbangkok, sentez-vous à l'aise, s'il vous plaît! Que mes plaisirs soient les vôtres...

Ok, I'll stop the babbling now. I am going to offer my BB Embassy quarters and my king size bed for madame FFH2(French Fag Hag 2). Me and FFH2, who by the way LOOOVES Asian men, are gona have a great time in BKK, I am going to show her what la Cité des Anges is made of!

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