Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are becoming interlinked!

I have recently discovered that two bloggers have linked my blog to theirs. Thank you very much, fellow bloggers Silom Farang and Mee too?

I have of course returned the favour and linked their blogs too, please, if you do not know either, visit their blogs.

SF should be known to just about everyone who is interested in Gay Thailand. He's been blogging for many years, and has even written a soap opera about foreigners in Bangkok. Many readers may no doubt recognise some of their own experiences and mishappenings in of the characters.

SF is also, as his name suggests, an absolute specialist on Silom, the Bangkok business district by day and (some other) business district by night...

Mister "mee too?" however, is like me, a young foreigner in Bangkok. He is teaching English somewhere in the suburbs and when I read his blog, I feel sometimes a bit reminded of my earlier days in Bangkok, when "fun" encounters were abundant and I could not taste enough of these Thai boys. Now I only look of course:)

mee too has also dedicated nearly a whole article on me. Wow, you honour me!!! Lets see what he had to say:

"I take genuine interest in the writing, and really appreciate his opinions and experiences. Sometimes, I follow -- with fascination -- his encounters and every day life in Thailand. Other days, I read quietly with my mouth hanging open, surprised by his strong :) confidence and situational assessments."

Wow, never did I realise that I leave people with mouths hanging open due to my confidence and my situational assessments...explain, my dear! I know I have my opinions, and a blog is there to share them, but I didnt know that I shock people...

"Many times, he writes about his chance encounters with people in the "land of smiles :)." At first, it might have been about cultural acclimation and his hook-ups: online and otherwise. Then though, he started giving glimpses into his relationship with a boyfriend living here from abroad, all the while mixing with talk about his life in Bangkok."

Indeed, you summed it up for me. It's not easy to find a new perspective. Writing about hook-ups is fun and entertaining, writing about a relationship perhaps just as interesting, but much more difficult.

"How interesting that he talks so freely about Thais who 'give the look' or provide 'signs' to him. What must it be like to have Thai people ogle you when you're with your boyfriend, or talk about you while you're on the street. To be the subject of conversation when you go to the store, the market, Silom Road :), or really any time you leave your house --- that must be something ..."

Indeed, stunning young lads as we are, we do get some attention. It is indeed strange when Thais flirt with me or the bf when we walk together. They do it all the time!!! Interestingly, the bf gets more attention, choz! (kawadjan, I needed to write this!!!)

I think Northeast Asians have a better reputation here than farang. Or he just looks better than me, which I can accept too:) In any case, I do get more than my share of attention too.

However, I dont go to Silom very often anymore. It's quiet and boring these days and I dont feel like making fun of moneyboys and their old fag daddies from Europe anymore. I suppose it has something to do with moving my home too.

"It's a pleasure to read about perceived looks, body language, and cultural adaptation, especially stories from a 'young' person that has taken the opportunity.The idea of a consious choice to live here, surrounded by the strange world of Thailand is fascinating, shocking, and cool."

"I can identify with this blogger and learn new things every time I stop by. There's sex, intrigue, humor, and sometimes, intellectual disagreement --- that to me, makes for good reading."

Thank you, me too? Kisses!

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