Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The gay construction worker

Today, a construction worker made the bluntest move on me ever. I was amazed. As I was walking down my soi (Thai word for sidestreet), I was thinking about construction workers and how gorgeous they actually are - and that I should write something about them in my blog. Not 10 seconds later, I saw two eyes spotting me from quite far away. I walked on, the eyes got closer and I could see that they are rather pretty ones. Big eyes, but not dark brown eyes...light brown with big, even and curved eyelashes. As I approached him, he turned around and swung the cable that he was holding right into me (softly, it didnt hurt). I was surprised and dodged the cable and looked at him. He wore the littlest of smiles possible, opening his pretty eyes even more. MY GOD. It was virtually an invitation. That man was very very blunt in his action yet amazingly restrained in his facial expressions. Normally, if a guy likes you here, he would stare at you for seconds or give you a huge smile. But that man just had elegance, decadence and curiosity written all over his face.
THE construction site, with onlooker...

I have the feeling that this man would be great in bed - possibly quite sensual...something I missed a lot when I slept with Thais. I actually think that this man was not Thai. Possibly, but most probably Burmese - possibly Laotian or even Cambodian. Construction sites are literally an amazing sight here in Bangkok. They are numerous as condos, hotels and other towers are being built like crazy - the remainders of the boom. Construction sites are like ant-hills. There are hundreds of workers every day working from 8am to midnight. They all wear a sweater and jeans. Some workers wear a headscarf to protect them from the sun and others only wear flip-flops. Surprisingly, about half of them are women and very few are of the rough, tall and muscly type. They are between about 18 and 60 years old - and many of them are actually pretty cute. Many of them are not Thai either. I dont know exactly but I think most of the non-Thais are Burmese (the "lucky" ones that didnt get sent out in the ocean......). The mix of nationalities is of course reflected in their varied looks. I heard they earn about 100 baht a day - 3US$. At midnight, when the soi is dark, about 5 old rickety trucks come to pick them up. The mix of dozens of construction workers literally piled into these old trucks, which then drive them off to some sort of accomodation is a scary one. It actually reminds me of the transportation of prisoners.

The soi, construction site on the left.

But lets not end this post on a bad note...I was hit on by a pretty construction worker - when has THAT ever happened?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Postrubbersoul is dead :(

Dear mister postrubbersoul. I hope you read this. I just clicked on your blog in anticipation of some news and what awaits me on your page? "this blog has been deleted by its user". :(

That is such a shame! You only started so recently and I really liked the content of your blog a lot. It was a breath of fresh air - a young (non-arrogant) Thai writing about what it means to live for him to be in Bangkok.

Sad. If you read this, mister postrubbersoul, please say hi:)

no comments on the king of bhutan???

And by the way - no comments on the king of bhutan? Are you guys crazy? 20 people comment and salivate on a fellow blogger's site who puts up pictures of topless (barely) teenagers??? Ok, I dont have 10,000 readers a day, but hey come on, this man is HOT. Ok, I'll have him for myself then. But first, a couple more pictures of him.

In the meantime I am pondering travelling to Bhutan (but I heard it's very expensive). At least I am trying to be friends with King Jigme on facebook. Lets see.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The most handsome leaders of the world - the finale

....and the winner is...

Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, the King of Bhutan.

He is so good-looking it's incredible...

he is the world's youngest head of state (at 29...and therefore has the best chances to win too! And if you look at his pictures it is an easy win.

...in his younger years
King Jigme is a star here in Thailand since he came here for the 60th anniversary of the Thai King's reign. People fell for him because he is so handsome (what else do you expect here?) and the girls went crazy. Bad news for the girls though. My gaydar is beeping like crazy when I look at his pictures. There was a picture of him with some Thai girl and everyone went: "oh it's his new girlfriend". But the pose is more like I would pose with my girlfriends...and he looks prettier than her.

wai suay - a pretty wai

....and that's my favourite picture...look at th gorgeous dress in the UN General Assembly. I wonder how he sounds...*dream*

Monday, January 19, 2009

The most handsome leaders of the world - part 3

After letting you wait for sooooooo long, we will now get to the bronze and silver rank in our competition.

Sadly I couldnt write anything because I am just way to exhausted. I worked the last 4 weekends about 7 hours each day - unpaid of course because this is university. If it would have been proper research work at a good university, I would have earned a SHITLOAD of money putting together these reports, texts, presentations and so on. But I dont. I only get A's. hehehe, at least that. Today we had a simulation excercise in one of the farangland embassies in Bangkok. We negotiated trade and aid deals between the European Union and the ACP (African Caribbean and Pacific). I was the representative of the Pacific Islands and got many many good concessions, investment promises and so on from Europe. bangkokbitch the star negotiator. We also yelled a bit and I complained about someone's attitude. bangkokbitch the fierce bitch ;)

So anyway, lets continue with our handsome leaders. I only want to put pictures of number 3 and 2 today because number 1 is especially handsome!!!!
BRONZE medal. Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of NORWAY.

Gosh, we have had Finland, Denmark and now Norway. I like Scandinavians and their style. Well not the drunken Swedes at Pattaya but the smart-looking ones.

Jens. You are a hottie! It's like you are a friggin model. Normally he looks like a little boy with red cheeks but gosh-o-gosh they really showed him how to pose on that picture - and he did it.

Runner up and Silver medal. I am sure you Thais were waiting for this. Abhisit Vejjajiva, PM of Prathet Thai.

Lor maak maak loei...so handsome!! The picture above is a bit dated and Abhisit is therefore even cuter. These days he's a bit rounder....but we all get rounder...except a few bulimic bitches.
Ther person I am talking about knows I am talking about him now:P
Anyway, enjoy the beginning of the week and I will post more often again!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shocking Story about Burmese Refugees

People in the sand. can you believe it?

Luxury holidays and human tragedy side-by-side.

Every once in a while we have to hear about some stories of Burmese refugees who die or nearly die because of their quest to freedom. I find it scandalous. And the way the Thai officials deal with the Burmese, I find it appalling too. It feels as if Thailand is acting as the regional bully just because it is clearly richer than Cambodia, Laos and especially Burma. Today, I read about the Rohingya, a primarily Muslim people that come from the border area of Burma and Bangladesh and that are one of the many peoplesthat the Burmese regime is persecuting. They simply try to escape - some of them to Thailand - by boat. What the treatment they get when they arrive in Thailand?

No, they are not logs, they are humans!

Read here:
http://phuketwan.com/tourism/similans-tourists-see-boat-people-mistreated/ (the story is originally from South China Morning Post (English language Hongkong newspaper)

Pictures from the BBC article on another incident.

They stranged on Koh Similan, a diving paradise for tourists. They were immediately round up, their hands tied behind their back and they had to lie down on the sand WITHOUT being allowed to move for 5 hours (!!!). If they'd move, they'd get whipped. Have a look at the pictures, it looks like the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Apparently the practice is then to just put the refugees out into international waters and leave them there with nothing but a paddle (not much food and water).

Bikini and refugees.

I have to say I am really shocked and appalled at this treatment. Thailand is not a signatory to the UNHCR convention on refugees (which would make it possible for political refugees to ask for asylum; Cambodia IS by the way) so the refugees are basically worth nothing here. And that's how they get treated. Apparently Thailand likes to play the regional policeman and play with defenseless people's lives. A disgrace. I dont want to let this reflect on my opinion about my chosen country of residence (Thailand) but I find it very hard not to. Apparently we are a nice Buddhist country with lots of friendly smiling people. My a**! The dirt-poor province of Aceh in Indonesia and the Andaman Islands of India have to take them. I told all this to my classmates, they shrugged and walked off.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bangkokbitch now links

I have decided to put up a few links in the different categories of "information - thailand", "information - world", "gay blogs", "other blogs", "fashion blogs", "food blogs" and "entertainment".

In putting put these links, I have decided to expand the site a bit, away from a site for gay adventures or ramblings and to a more integrative site about interesting and a little bit smarter stories. A lot of people (well, some at least) seem to read my blog and through it, find out a bit about life in Thailand. Well, the links should make it a bit easier for you to find out more about the world and Thailand, Thai news, the Thai language and the Thai cuisine.

I shall aim to put up more links especially in regards to Thailand. In the meantime, feel free to click through the links and enjoy:)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The most handsome leaders of the world - part 2

We have to advance in our list, I am sure you can not wait to see who are the TOP5 most handsomest ever leaders in the world. So who are these lucky states who get to benefit from having a hot man and their helm?

At number 5:

José Sócrates (de) Carvalho Pinto de Sousa, Prime Minister of the great seafarer nation of Portugal

Look at that MAJESTIC gesture here. José does not only have by far the best-sounding name of all leaders in the world, he is also good at grand gestures. And as José is showing his generosity (probably he's just given someone a bottle of Port wine for free!!!) , can you hear the sonorous voice of his? Lastly, I must confess again I am a real real real fan of salt&pepper hair. In 30 years, I want to have salt & pepper too!!!

Coming closer to the medal ranks but just missing out at 4:

Michael Misick, Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

I hear you say. WHAT? WHERE? WHO?

Let me explain. The Turks and Caicos look like this:

and are situated here:

Just above the Dominican Republic in the Carribbean, MAAAAAAAN. OK, end of geography lesson.

Michael Misick is glam, glam, glam, drama, bitching, cheating, bling. That is surprisingly GAY!!! He would have been in the top3, but there is one problem. He's really into women. Really, really. He is seeing a former soap opera b*tch. Well, he's married to her. But it's also rumoured that he's seing a young girl. And finally, he's also accused of having raped an American tourist. His soap opera b*tch took the sheets from his bed and rushed off to the FBI in America with them. DRAMA!!!

So lets have a look at his pictures.

That's Misick with his soap opera b*tch.

The GLAM!!!

No, his wife has not had a boob-job. I dont know why you are thinking that:P

ALL in white......where is your Cadillac SUV Michael???

That's the girl he is cheating his wife with. Cute, na?^
So that is Michael Misick. A hot glam Prime Minister...a recipe for the medal ranks - but he's too STRAIGHT!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The most handsome leaders of the world - part 1

Politicians are not known for being handsome, cute, hot, attractive, fashionable, elegant or even sexy. But plenty of them are. Here are my personal TOP 10 of "THE MOST HANDSOME LEADERS OF THE WORLD".
at number 10:

Monsieur François Fillon, French Prime Minister

Monsieur Fillon, quelle élégance. j'adore votre friendly smile, the grey couleur of your suit and the lush hair, brushed aside rather effortlessly. Pure Frenchness.

coming in at number 9:

Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Mister Prime Minister of our southerly neighbour might not be the youngest in the bunch here. Nevertheless, look at that nice pin-striped suit and scarf, the scarf, the scarf. NICE!!! From his face, I think Prime Minister Badawi used to be the guy that everyone found so handsome in primary school...

following up at number 8:

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark.

Mister Rasmussen. You show us how to age well. Look at this prime example of salt & pepper hair and the wise, reassuring and friendly smile! And the sharply pronounced jaw line of yours, Mister Prime Minister, many people would kill for that!!!

and number 7:

Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minster of Singapore.

The second Southeast Asian in our TOP10. Mister Prime Minister of the Merlion City State impresses with this very very very light choice of shirt and tie. Where can I buy it, Mister Lee? I really wanted to place him much higher because he really is a handsome man with a cute smile. Plus he is taaaaaaaaalll. But there is a problem. Weight, weight, weight. You see, it's not just the problem of us commoners but can also affect leaders. Mister Lee has gained weight recently and looks considerably older and - dare I say - a bit chubby. We do nut put up pictures like this though. Still a good 7th place for Singapore.

At number 6, and the best of the worse half of the TOP10:

Matti Taneli Vanhanen, Prime Minister of Finland.

Matti. Hands down, you have the greatest looking glasses of all politicians I have ever seen. Mine are actually quite similar:) but I want YOURS. And the tie with it. And please tell me...who do I have to pay for them to make such a cool.......ahm.....graffiti portrait of me. I dont care that Finns think you are boring but I think you are cool, as cool as your winter up in Finland.
So, we have 3 Europeans and 2 Southeast-Asians in the lower ranks of the TOP10....Lets see if the dominance of these two regions continues for the TOP5 the next time!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

2008 in pictures - Q4

...and finally the last quarter of 2008. And bangkokbitch has finished the picture review of 2008, probably as the last blogger on the planet. Again, bangkokbitch went on some trips, this time we didnt leave the kingdom though and for the first time, I had to go to immigration in SuanPhlu to tell the lovely officers that I am still living in Thailand and well and alive (also called 90-day reporting)
Then of course, dad visited and we went on some nice trips and did sightseeing in general. It made me appreciate the variety of Bangkok again, and I fell in love again - with Bangkok.
So here are the highlights.
The most legandary songteaw ride EVER. 4 hours one way in between puking Burmese ladies, Karen kids hugging my legs to fall asleep, a Karen lady with the longest neck and one of the most amazing faces I have seen and of course the frogs that I suppose, were going to be eaten. It was worth it.
My study-trip to the island:) It was nice!!! As you can see.
Loy Krathong, my first time. A romantic occasion "deromantisised" by the rush of it all.....it was not what I expected...
Then, one of the most memorable moments of the year. The cremation of Princess Galyani Vadhana, the sister of the King. Hundreds of thousands of people in black. The mood however was not that somber...
Excursion to Kanchanaburi and the bridge over the river Kwai. I remember the very pushy touts that wanted to sell me books in dutch and the excellent museum just across the cemetary.
Ayuthaya. A surprisingly fun place. Busy city with the best-looking people outside of Bangkok I have seen in Thailand so far. Old temples inmidst of a city (or the other way around) are interesting indeed.
On my birthday. The man in front is the man who flirted with me so heavily - INSIDE the temple. Remember?
So, from now on lets look ahead, happy new year again. And be good boys!!! (do I have any female readers)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 in pictures - Q3

In the third quarter of 2008, bangkokbitch went travelling - to Korea and to another farangland. Many faranglands in 2008:)

I love the centre of Seoul. 1980's skyscrapers and old temples.

The most beautiful country on earth.

Visiting temples back in Bangkok. The colours are stunning

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weird story by "The Nation"

Well, just read for yourselves please. Here's the link. It's quite odd. I always knew that Thais have a big thing for ghosts but the fact that this story is on the main page of the second-most read English language newspaper is a bit disconcerting.

This is the text:

"Many teenagers turned up at the charred remain of Santika Pub at 2 am Sunday to take photos of the building.
They said they heard ghosts would show up at the scene of their death three days later.
A man, Natthawut Urapen, 29, showed his mobile phone to reporters, saying he had taken what appeared to be two ghosts.
The man said he took the picture at 10 pm Saturday and became frightened to see two spots in the picture which looked like ghosts.
He said a spot appeared like a man at window and the other like a woman standing on the roof."

And here goes the picture:

See the ghosts?

Two questions by bangkokbitch:
WHO "told" the teenagers there will be ghosts 3 days after the fire?
WHY this magic 3-day deadline?
WHY does the teenager only see the ghosts on his picture and not when he actually looks at the rubble?

2008 in pictures - Q2

The second quarter of 2008 was all about settling down in Bangkok. I visited many areas, made new friends, most only "of the night" (to coin bkkdreamer's term). Also, I went on a few domestic trips. Have a look.

The ubiquitous Siam. How could I live with out it.

Skytrain in Sathon, Bangkok's Manhattan. (at least aspiring and slowly also becoming)

Perhaps my favourite picture of the year. Entrance of Lumphini park towards Silom, the gay centre of the world (at least that's what the ones going to DJ Station think:)

Skytrain in Mor Chit. I love JJ Weekend Market!

Cha yen in Tha Phra Chan in the old quarter of Bangkok. The most exciting place in the city, so much history, so much life, so many tourist rip-offs:) Seriously, I love Rattanakosin.

A venture into Sukhumvit on Kalayaan, one of the two Filipino independence days. The party of the year probably, of course followed by a beauty pageant.

My first time out of Bangkok - to Ayuthaya and Bangpa-In. Lovely places
Who doesnt know this place, raise your hands! I cant see any!!!! Raise them higher!!! Ok, I knew it, everyone has been to Pattaya. I went on a daytrip and left again at 6.30pm. Didnt like the unfriendly people and very unfriendly kathoeys.