Friday, May 29, 2009

Three very short anecdotes

A few days ago, at roughly 2am, while I was studying in my bed dutifully, the notorious and hot technician wrote me a message on msn: "I WANT SEXXXXXXXX"

anyone still want to suggest, he just wants to be friends with me?

Yesterday, while studying dutifully (ok, this time really) at 6pm, I saw something on the balcony of the new condo opposite. (you can see the condo on the pictures in the last post)

The condo is not quite finished yet. Nevertheless, I saw roughly 4-5 topless tanned guys on one of the balconies. I took a few pictures with my camera, yet it didnt have the zoom capabilities.

click on this for better view

I checked what they were doing with my eagle eyes (that need glasses nevertheless) hahaha. When I checked again, they all put on shirts. Why were they shirtless in the first place? they were playing around on the balcony, even mounting the aircon system like monkeys and jumping around something inside the condo (the bed I guess, I kid you not)

The third anectdote: look at the picture. Seen at Wat Pho. Read my non-biased comment after the picture.

It is the Burmese!!!!!!


Oscar said...

was the guy on the balcony having a pee?

alone in london said...

haha just blame the foreigners, everything that's wrong with Thailand is their fault.

kawadjan said...

Of course it is the Burmese! Who else could it be? *rolls eyes*

BB said...

No, not a pee...he seemed to do something washing something.

Alone in london and Kawadjan: I dont want to go into this discussion...but actually, I was a bit surprised with this...