Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lets talk about...this blog

In the last few days, a few things have changed regarding this blog. You cant see it, because it's not things you see instantly in the blog.

Due to my post on "why you love Thai boys?", I have received quite a lot of comments, some emails, a few new surprising links, and also about a 200% increase in average readership.

I suspect I hit a nerve with this little piece, however I do not want to bring it up just now.

The links, especially from established bloggers have really made me feel honoured. However, seeing that my little text has triggered reactions in many other bloggers, who started thinking (or perhaps they thought about it before) and writing about this particular topic, has made me just as happy.

It proves that blogs can have a strong voice, and anyone can talk/write. I am really delighted that a discussion has been taking place, whatever the subject is. This is for me, what blogging is about.

I am not an activist. I am not meaning to impose my opinion on people or hurt or demean people, I am just sometimes meaning to provoke a discussion. Many other times it did not work, this time it did.

The comments, and especially the emails, have been amazing. Especially reader K., I want to thank you for the contribution, it has truly made me think. I want to share some of his points.

K. was intrigued that I spend so much time on the blog. He loved the stories of me travelling, especially when my dad was visiting in December last year. He writes:

"It was like reading a good book on someone's life, as I took you as my firstperson, the protagonist, in a story that I was involved in emotionally [...]."

Thank you K.

However K. does not like, in fact "dismiss" my ranting articles, where I am catty, or mean spirited. I think I know which ones he means.

Im sorry, my readers. I am quite an emotional person...(not a bitch though...:) Sometimes, I can not detach myself from other people's lives and feel the urge to judge. I am not dumb, I know that sometimes we should not judge.

Sometimes however, we can. This is a blog, and not an academic article (I write enough of them already). So I guess you get some of my personal opinions. Also, I have chosen to remain (relatively) I can express my opinions a bit more freely. (If you are nice, I'll go on a date with you though ;) I am NOT however trying to claim an absolute truth, that would be silly.

K. thought the ranting articles were not needed, blogger "mee too?" however wrote that his jaw dropped and he found it interesting to get an outspoken perspective of a young person in Bangkok.

Which now brings me to the main point...since for me, blogging is all about INTERACTING with people, getting reactions, feedbacks, praisal, hate mail (none of that yet...:), I would actually like to hear more from you.

I have many thoughts every day what to include in this blog and I want to hear from you what you think about these ideas. I'm going to conduct a POLLLLLLL for that matter. (as if I didnt write enough about polls for university already...)

Please tick what you want to see more of!

By the way, it's meant to mean "philosophical masterpieces" but cant change it anymore since someone voted...SHAME ON ME!


Joey said...

aww, come on BB, this is all getting too serious already:) lighten up. i like this blog better when it was not that mentally challenging:)

BB said...

Well, well...the opinions differ and I would like to know what people think. that doesnt mean I am going to copy other (much more successful) blogs...dont you worry:)

Sepiroth said...

I like it when you talk about things that happen in your life and your feeling and reaction to those events.

I like the randomness of your thoughts/encounters in your life. If you happens to be in a serious mood and want to talk about something substantial that is fine.

However, I would lose interest if you try hard to be informative, educational or thoughts provoking. I prefer thinking that are raw and unpretentious, like what you have been doing.

BB said...

Thank you...I like the randomness's just what happens:)

Then I hope you like the entry I put online just a minute ago...:)

Enjoy the weekend! BB

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog and read a few above posts. I am Polish and do not operate this language well so you have to forgive any errors.

This post particularly provoked me to leave my opinion. First of all I have a strong impression that we are similiar! It is not the case of sexualn orientation or age but "humanist nature". All my life I have been always interested in people, their problems and successes though it had nothing in common with my life for example raising children or paterhood in general, etc.

I am also the outstanding person and I differ from others because I also PROVOKE. Provoke intelectually. All the time when I participate in a meeting with people I have neven known before I soon become the centre of intrest. I somehow activate people, provoke, intrigue and I love it. At the end people are delighted with me if do not have to much hidden problems with themself. But it happens people feel insulted by me words, etc.

But I made my opinion on people based not on what they told or how they behaved but what was their INTENTION. So intentions not acts are crucial. I am not going to insult anyone but many times I bring up topics which are sensitive for my interlocutors and I do not have mercy for them - but not always.

So in order to avoid a long comment - I think I undersand you and have lot in common with you, so it would be interesting and profitable to find an opportunity to discuss.


BB said...

hello vito

it's wonderful to hear from you. I love it when I feel that someone feels inspired by what I write.

Yes, maybe we have a lot in common, at least in writing. I have an opinion on nearly everything and have the urge to get it out.

however, in real-life I am a little different and more quiet:)

If you want to get into contact with me, you can write me an email. the link is on the right side of the blog.

click: "write me a love letter"

greetings from bangkok