Sunday, July 27, 2008

bangkokbitch and some seoul impressions

Well here we are darlings, the bitch of bangkok is checking out Seoul. Well, we all knew before already that the bangkokbitch ADORES Korea and everything Korean from kimchi, to movies to its language and of course, the male gender and its lovely species that seem to be not very sparsely distributed over the little peninsula.
Well, first of all, Subvarnabhumi was 1000 times more boring than normal, no thai hotties and not even glitzy moneyboys and their farang daddies to bitch about. Instead, there were complaining old women from New Zealand and plenty of other Europeans including the on average about 70 years old KLM flight attendants, so bangkokbitch owned the airport with her brown jeans, yellow stripe shirt, and brown bag.
Of course, in our plane, we had the beautiful and outrageously elegant Korean Air flight attendants - gotta love that light blue outfit, although next time I might wanna try Asiana - they even look more elegant.
So, in Seoul - it's really hot and humid but still, bangkokbitch and his Thai companions paraded around the centre of Seoul camwhoring and also a little bit of shopping but most of all - to observe these Korean men. Koreans are not easy to flirt with as first of all way less people are openly gay then in Bangkok but also because they seem to be more self-confident and it doesnt seem to be part of their culture to pick up people in the skytrain, in the mall, in the toilet of Silom Complex as things happen in Bangkok. Also, soooooooooo many guys are with girlfriends here you'd think that the Korean Government has issued some kind of law that requires couples to hold hands.

BUT, and most importantly, these men are hothothot (how many more hots do I need to put?) Now maybe they are not quite Siam Square wearing a ton of make up and gel but they seem to thrive off their natural beauty - and not some kinda packaging. And that's the thing I totally admire with these Korean men. They have a soft manliness that is accentuated in their low and sonorant voices, the broad shoulders and quite muscular arms yet their features are still quite -soft - G-E-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

bangkokbitch in seoul

Lately, the bangkokbitch has been working it like crazy. She's been shopping, shopping and shopping again for her trip to Seoul since the hot Koreans up there in the far north need to be impressed with Thai fashion! Also, the bangkokbitch went to Silom Soi 4 again last night. It was the same old and she is so bored with it she will ditch the venue soon.
However, the company by the name of the bamboo diva kept the bangkokbitch busy as always and they completely owned the place. Chimney man from last week was not wearing black anymore but some indescriptive pink s**t, I dont even know why people talk to him. His voice was hurling around like a siren and he was disturbing two perfectly nice tourist gay couple gentlemen in their 30s, easily decipherable by their gay look (the tacky one that is with tight colourful singlets straight out of the 90s, 3/4 shorts that nicely emphasised their already too skinny legs, short hair, glasses and some ear ring thingie). Anyway, they were probably lovely but they ignored chimney man so that's good.
Also, there was a group of moneyboys with their hilarious looks, some even not looking that bad but their face completely run down from overdosage of either cigarettes, drugs or (probably) both.
Bamboo diva and bangkokbitch however had to share the glory of the biggest divas with hunchback waiter who is skinny, has a countrysidy look but just has an incredible face and a wonderfully dismissive tone when he speaks. His posture however....he better learn from the cheekbones waiter. That guy is so young he was only just cut his ombelical cord by the doctors the other day. Nevertheless, his nonchalance is unprecedented and his face - just a dream. He doesnt seem to know it though.
Now, the bangkokbitch is off to Seoul, the soul of asia and the absolute olympus for hot men.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

malaysia truly asia?

The last three days, the bitch of bangkok rushed off to the south to see what Kuala Lumpur has to offer. Actually, BB mainly went there to see two of her long-time Malaysian chat partners, the lost londoner and the purple kid. An additional motivation was the ever-ever-ever lasting slogan of Tourism Malaysia that finally caught up with me too that apparently Malaysia is truly Asia. Now since BB does enjoy the look of many Asian PLUs (Malaysian and Singaporean term for "people like us", meaning "gay". MY and SG people have to be a bit more cautious seemingly since being gay is not really allowed there theoretically), she had to go and see for herself.
So what about the fabulous promises of being the crème de la crème of the asiatic world?

Well, the men are actually really hot. Not a bad mix at all here in the city of the towers of the national petrol company. Malaysian Chinese PLU's may not have the edginess and raw manliness of the Japanese, the elegance and style of the Koreans, the sheer hotness of the Taiwanese and the unachieved grace of our own Thai darlings but it also isnt as materialistic as Hong Kong and Singapore (take that you city bitches, BB doesnt like gym-trained bodies just because you are too vain to go out and get dirty!!!!) - and, for practicality's sake, most people here speak good english. Malays however would be more suited to the gentlemen among us who like darker skin and more exotic features - and, according to an experienced source from Penang, are very very raunchy in bed (talking about the guilt-factor of Muslims when having sex with other men!!!). The BB for herself hasnt tried any Malays though. BUT she was given the best orgasm ever by the purple kid, who treated her in a such gentle, soft and knowing yet incredibly hot way that her hands and head actually tingled until at least ten minutes after reaching the orgasm...stunning!!! The lost londoner on the other hand turned out, as expected and hoped as a great person and friend (at this stage...) and these friends, we all know can be more valuable than anything else in life...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

silom on a wednesday

Yesterday, BB and his two darlings, the bamboo diva and princess juliana met up in Silom - for drinks. The roads that led us there couldnt be more different though - whereas BB came from Rama IX area where he met up with the Badminton Sixpack for dinner at an Isan restaurant that seems to attract kathoeys in hordes, princess juliana got a blowjob in a toilet in a mall in Silom with a policeman jerking off in the next cubicle.

Nevertheless, we did all end up together at a lovely table with three bottles of Beer Lao and many fags in front of us.

Bitches and divas like us have to love Silom because there are many many many people of our kind parading up and down the street and sois, dancing in the clubs, sitting on the side of the street, in the cafes, giving massages and other touches to eager (read: horny) men, boys selling sex-dvd's and many many other people selling everything from edgy clothes to fake watches, cheap ties and everything else one can think of - every night - and day. It's not quite all gay though, as the major straight pleasure-zones of Patpong Soi I and II are also not too far from the centre of the world for our kind. However, for people who love cock, Patpong is about as famous as the capital of Swaziland. So lets not talk about Patpong.

The scene in front of us as we were sipping our extremely over-the-top sweet Beer Lao 's was much the same as on any given night in Soi 4. The word that best describes the athmosphere is "lurking". Everyone is lurking. Lurking for what...? Of course for money and sex depending on which side you are on...Except BB and his two darlings. We were having the time of our lives, like every time we meet - and thus attracted a fair bit of attention, which is good. Though, in the middle of one of our bitching, we were interrupted by something that looked like a chimney boy, (think more of the clothes than anything else) shouting to a lone farang " i liiiiiiiiiike youuuuuuu". I can not forget the stinging voice of that creature and the cheapness of how he was digging at the clueless farang. I bet the chimney boy was on drugs - or desperately in need of money - as he was shuffling and walking and looking and LURKING around like a hypernervous and hungry tigress in black chimney boy fashion.
Today and tomorrow, there seems to be an invasion of divas in Malaysia as all of us, the bamboo diva, princess juliana and BB are drifting south for a bit of a change and a breath of fresh air (and maybe men).
Lets see if Malaysia is truly Asia.

Something reminiscent of the chimney boy who only had one thing in mind.