Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday night badminton with two policemen

Today I went to play badminton again. After nearly 5 months, I decided to call up my friend and ask him when he plays.

Saturday at 9pm it is, so I joined. This friend of mine is the only gay Thai friend I actually have. We started out as FB's and became friends...quite good friends in fact. Yet our ways parted for a while...

Now, they found each other again, and I am very happy! We met at Huay Kwang MRT and I was late. I saw him and he laughed about my hair. I knowwwwww it's ugly!!!

Then, a black car waited for us with two policemen in front. We got in. Well, they are policemen by day and just nice people at night.

Of course, they were both gay. What else would you expect in this country and from badminton players? One was hot!!! I was told he is already 32, but he looked young.

I know everyone will now say, farang can never guess Asian people's age...but he looked good!

Quite square face, a bit tanned skin, hair like a hedgehog and a bit of a gay movement in the wrist.

Then I saw him playing, from behind. And good lord, his legs looked nice and his ass was so round and tight. That's all I thought though. I CAN look, ok? But I really like sporty guys....heeheehee:)

Then we drove home and the policemen dropped off my friend. It was now only the three of us. Now guess the next question by the hot policeman...

"Do you live alone?"


Joey said...

notti notti boy:) anything happened?

BB said...

Who was the naughty boy here? I did nothing but being my "charming" self:)

Joey said...

guilty by commission:P notti boy... doesnt anyone else write in ure li'l comment box except me?