Saturday, May 16, 2009

A similar debate in Korea

I have a blog in my links called the Metropolitician. An American man who has lived in Korea for some time and is an artist/teacher. He takes amazing photographs of the streets of Seoul and writes exceptionally well.

"drunken mess", taken from Metropolitician's blog.

He also frequently criticises Korea, for which he gets criticised a lot in turn! We all know how it is to live in a foreign country and hardly being able to criticise it, without hearing the "why are you here?" and "if you dont like it here, why dont you go?".

These thoughts are destructive and mearly dismissive. Every country, every culture should question itself, and it is always interesting to hear an OUTSIDE perspective.

Outsiders perceive things differently. Maybe their analysis is not always right on the spot, but it's worth listening to them because they have a more neutral and unbiased standpoint.

"options" taken from metropolitician's blog.

Anyway, he wrote an emormous piece about "Dating Korean Women". I know I know, he is straight, but read it, if you are interested that is. It's a good read, and there are parallels to Thailand.

He writes about how as a Westerner (African American), he gets looked down on a lot and most Korean women would never seriously consider dating a non-Korean, for the social repercussions would be enormous.

He also wrote that having a foreign boyfriend, for a Korean woman, is challenging, and that a "coming out" much like gays need to do, is required to tell people about this "odd" choice of hers.

"april showers" taken from metropolitician's blog.

Enough serious discussion, read him if you are interesting in Korea at all, or at least check out the blog, it's very inspiring!

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