Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Antique Bakery - 3 Yummy Koreans

My LOVE for all things Korea might have come through to regular readers. I want to reiterate it though!

Recently, I watched the movie "Antique Bakery" with my bf. I can recommend the movie for everyone who thinks tall Koreans with broad shoulders are hot. It is actually a gay-themed movie, where the pastry chef is in love with his boss since high school.

May I introduce the cast?

Joo Ji-Hoon (주지훈), owner of the bakery shop. He is TO DIE FOR! At 187cm, I can barely reach his lips for a kiss though:( Please bow down a bit, 지훈씨!!!! 사랑해!!!

Kim Jae-Wook (김재욱)

He is the gay pastry chef. In real life, he has lived in Japan as a child, played in a rock band, acted in the über-popular Coffee Prince series and worked as a model. Wow. Look, and you know why.

Finally, Yoo Ah-In (유아인)

In the movie, this young man plays the teenie street rogue. He reminds me a lot of Thai teenies in Siam Square. Or, is it the other way around rather?

Credits go to teazed.blogspot.com for the bottom right picture.
So, which one do YOU prefer?
Maybe it's time well move to Korea....??? I am starting to think about it anyway:)


Joey said...

i saw that movie too. i thought it was a very funny and 'nice-feel' movie:) loved it... so korea will be your next destination?

BB said...

i wish i wish...

Anonymous said...

You mentioned the live action series without mentioning the original yaoi comic series by Fumi Yoshinaga, or the recent anime series that includes the gay aspects of Ono's character, or the doujinshis, also by Fumi Yoshinaga, which were funnier and gayer than the original series.

BB said...

Hey mister anonymous.

thanks for your comment. I didnt "forget" I just merely omitted. I know about the yaoi comment, my bf lectured me enough about it. but I cant bring myself to be so interested in a) Japanese things and b) anime. I like to see real flesh:) It's a matter of taste:)

I read though that there was a japanese series based on the yaoi, which totally omitted the gay story.

Kudos to the Koreans for not omitting it. Korea used to be the conservative country in Asia. It still is, but if a movie like this can be a huge success, things are changing...

Was Once said...

I don't think the men are any more westernized than Thais, withdrawn but cute.

BB said...

....was once. how should i interpret that statement? where did I say Korean men are westernised and what about the Thais? what does the word "westernised" mean to you? watch hollywood and eat mcdonalds? or speak english?

Anonymous said...

Hey mister bitch

Good to hear that your bf is there to educate you on the finer things in life. :D

PS you are right the movie was excellent!

BB said...

:))) thanks for reminding me to be good to him:p

the movie was ok...the actors look amazing, especially kim jae-woon's style is mind-blowing.

there will be another post with more pictures today.

Was Once said...

Westernized, in the terms of capable of having public gay relationships. Hopefully, they don't like McDonalds as a sign of complex well developed bitchiness.
Plus..the grass is always greener on the other side.

BB said...

Ah I see. Oh, I dont think that happens very frequently, plus Koreans are icy cold towards foreigners in general.

My reasons for liking Korea has nothing to dowith the gay dating scene:))

Leon Koh said...

just drop by to read your blog.. happy day ahead :)

BB said...

Thank you for being a loyal reader Leon!:) Gosh I woke up late!!!!

Have a good day too:)

JR said...

HI! I am a foreigner who lives in Korea and of course is gay! :) Just so you know, the actor who plays the young boxer in Antique is actually gay. Did he say it? No. But when questioned about his first love, he said, "That person", instead of she... Not only that, but we've seen him at dancing at the gay clubs in Itaewon. He is gorgeous! As for the gay chef in the movie, rumors have always flown about him. Just thought I would let you know!

BB said...

Oh, JR, you made my day!!!

First of all, it's nice that a Korean-based person reads my blog. Wonderful. How's gay life up there? Are you based in Seoul? English teacher?

Im thinking slightly about trying to find a job there...but not as a teacher, which will be hard.

I see...havent we all said "person" before...I said it for two fucking years in high school and no one noticed (or did they?)

To me he's a bit young...still gorgeous. Im sure he's aged a bit too since the movie...

oh and regarding kim jae-wook...how could a straight person have so much style I ask you? :P