Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the chinese secret service boy - part 2

Yes, most crazy stories have a follow-up in bangkokbitch's life and I guess that's what makes being bangkokbitch an interesting, exciting, amazing, exhausting journey. And that is also the reason why I am sharing my stories with you.

The chinese secret service boy offered to meet me again yesterday. I sent him an sms but he wasnt available for dinner as he was out with friends. Bugger, I thought. At 7.30 however he was already at the university to pick me up. That didnt take him long and I wasnt even half-way through my Chinese take-away dinner. I rushed out and met him again. I was all in black except a white shirt (it was too cold to show off the shirt however) and he was wearing jeans and a zip sweater that showed off his really skinny figure. The chinese secret service boy said that he is cold. My solution would have been to give him a hug - his was to go to the cinema. We were meant to watch the movie eagle something by Steven Spielberg. I didnt comment much but inside I thought - oh no. Then we had a coffee at the cafe opposite of the theatre because we were 1.5 hours too early. On the way there a middle-aged farang man was patting the chinese secret service boy's shoulder, saying: "are you behaving?" It was his boss and the chinese secret service boy was quite distressed.

One thing I can not stand about the chinese secret service boy is that he watches f*cking everyone. Not just guys but simply everyone. This man is used to observing people and hides it very badly though. I got really pissed off when he mumbled to himself - "wow that guy". For the next 40 minutes or so I was being bangkokbitch and provoked and disagreed with him whenever and wherever I could. Then his charm took me over again and we went to the theatre. I went to the toilet and he followed me. I normally go to the cubicles because I cant p*ss next to guys I like. We looked at each other, and I went into the cubicle and he was a bit surprised. In the theatre there were a few awkward moments of nearly holding each other. During the movie (which was about spies funnily) I knew I had to tell him about what I feel for him. I couldnt lose anything. So I told him that I hadnt liked anyone like this for a very long time. He agreed and said he knew that and he would enjoy the time with me very much everytime. Arrived at my flat he parked the car and we talked at length about the situation. I said that I just wanted to be really close to him and that's it's not about the sex. He said that if we'd let it go further then he'd be sad for months to come and that it would be impractical to have a long-distance relationship. There was the r-word. I hadnt even thought of it. He also mentioned the l-word. Goodness, his attitude, his manners, his being "anal" about so many things (not sexually please), it really doesnt comply with me in so many ways yet I really fell for this guy.

He held my shoulder and stroke the back of my head softly. A minute later I was out in the dark - alone.
He sent me an sms:
"Dont think too much about it:) sleep well."
I sent one back:
"It's the only thing I am thinking about right now. I just want to give you a hug"

"I just got home now. I love hugging too. We will do that next time:)."

Dear readers of this blog, I really want to know your opinion on this. Is he doing this really for the reason he is telling me or could this be some kind of rule that he is not allowed to sleep with anyone in his position. He did tell me he got laid (only) twice in this 9 months here in the city. But that might have been at the other person's place...I have the feeling there will be a "chinese secret service boy - part 3 and maybe even 4"....goodness...

Monday, September 29, 2008

the chinese secret service boy

I know, that title sounds rather thrilling. Well, here in farangland life is not so thrilling, but quite ok. importantly, my friend the hong kong glam queen put lacquer on my fingernails, and I LOVE it. i am now an even prettier bangkokbitch. and also, I found some important beauty items agains razor burns that I cant find in Thailand (I guess Thais need to shave less...). That cost me quite a lot of farangmoney but I got two bottles. greedy. Also the problems with the Chinese landlord and the about 15 other chinese tenants in the place has been solved, no idea why but it is now solved.

A chinese romance evolving?

Well, I thought I should try the local dating scene a bit. Since I am not so much into other farang, especially the ones here, I focused on our friends from the Orient. There was a 42 year old Thai who wanted to massage me for free (wow I dont need to pay for sex by a 42 year old, what a bargain!!) and announced that he is a good sucker and kisser. There is also the 17 year old hottie who is not a farang but also not an Asian...who wants to meet me. There's also a 27 year old hot singaporean and so on and so on and I am seriously wondering whether I can actually meet better people here than in Bangkok....well the choice is not very wide but hey, the quality is not bad at all. These are all kind of cool guys who've travelled a bit and find this city here boring...a lot in common already.

Yesterday, I ended up meeting one of these guys. We call him the chinese secret service boy. chinese secret service boy is my age and very charming. He radiates. I really dont know but with some people I feel immediate attraction (not by the ways of wanting to have sex) to someone. I did with chinese secret service boy. He picked me up late at night in the city and I got into his car. I could tell we liked each other as we were both shy to talk and looked at each other at length. To my surprise he didnt drive to his place but to a hotel, where we went to have a late-night drink. I had tea and he had a hot chocolace with extra caramel syrup. We talked about ourselves, I told him about bangkok and he told me about his life a bit - except, his job is "near the airport". That's call he could tell about his job. "I am not really supposed to talk about my job." Alarm bells on my side. But that mystery fascinates me. I think he works with some sort of secret service since his English is perfect American English and he's never lived there. Then I leaned back and he looked at my crotch about 4 times AT LENGTH...saying that he only has sex "when I have a boyfriend". I dont believe people that say these kind of things. So far, he hasnt broken his promise. He drove me home and we listened to love songs in the car. He however strangely refused to do anything a bit more daring or daunting. I am offered a second meeting today.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the chinese racists in farangland

Today, bangkokbitch received a threat by some Chinese people. Well, it's not quite that dramatic but still. I think the Chinese here dont like a farang so they want to punish me.

but step by step. as you remember I am in farangland at the moment. unsurprisingly it is cold and rainy. yesterday it was cold and sunny and it was lovely though. anyhow,I am not really realising where I am as I am just around my friends and dont really think about where I am. having lived in farangland for over 3 years, I just feel at home here, even though many things are very foreign now. bangkok is like a virus. as soon as I am in subvarnabhumi (bkk airport) I already miss the streets, the noise and the people of bangkok. however, I can sleep a lot less here and still feel a lot more relaxed and energetic, I guess bangkok wears us down a bit too.

here in farangland, I am staying with my friend, the hongkong glam queen. the hongkong glam queen is a bisexual girl and has been a very close friend of mine for a few years. she has a boyfriend and thus, she always stays with him at night (that old-fashioned chinese boy can not understand that a screeming queen like me is not a danger to his POSSESSION, e.g. girlfriend) . That means I have the hongkong glam queen's room for myself at night. nono, I can see you think that I am inviting hordes of boys....that is NOT true, besides whom to invite here....? No idea. anyhow, the house here belongs to mainland chinese. and all the tenants are - you guessed it - chinese. and there are about 8 tenants or something. now it's pretty odd for them that suddenly a farang gay with thai clothes stays here. So what do they do? charge my friend double with the reason of "two people stay there so you should pay double". now I think that is blatant racism. in farangland, landlords normally charge about 20% more for a couple staying permanently. we are neither a couple because the hongkong glam queen stays at her boyfriend's place every night and I am neither here permanently - luckily. she is so upset and says she will never live with chinese anymore because "they just want to make money". I think it's a penchant for making money AND racism.

actually, the neigbhour was a tall skinny and rather hot chinese boy - but he left now. maybe he didnt like to have a fag next to him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bangkok without bangkokbitch

bangkok is without bangkokbitch. have you noticed how it's not quite the same? some spruce is missing these days and I tell you - it will be missing for two more weeks.
as announced in the last post, bangkokbitch travelled to farangland. today, he arrived with great fanfares. in the meantime, the singapore boys have all got a sore neck because they all turned their heads after bangkokbitch. it is actually a bit true, I got a lof ot attention in Singapore. Who knows why but that was the case.

Singapore boys have sore necks
Arrived in farangland, I was picked up and driven to my old university to say hello to my former collegues...I hugged a few from the back and they shrieked. Others offered me Belgian chocolate while one former lecturer went on criticising me for not doing a phd since I apparently had "the potential". After so much welcoming I went to see my place for the next two weeks, a room in an outdoor sort of mini-house. I am surrounded by mainland chinese people with a below-par fashion style. The guy that I share my bathroom with is tall, skinny, works at Burger King and loves cars. He is hot!!! But all my noises in the shower (nono, there were no moans) helped nothing and mister burger king is not reacting. Unfortunately he is due to move out tomorrow anyway. It's a bit strange here because I am practically staying at my friends place - whereas she is either at work, at University or staying over with her boyfriend. She jokingly said, oh if you are cold I will come hug you and maybe we can sleep in the bed all three of us. Yeah, I wouldnt mind....

Bangkokbitch flying away
Talking about things that come in three. You remember the Japanese tourist 1 and yoka boy? I met yoka boy again for dinner. This time we ate fish stomach soup, crab friend rice and vermicelli with prawns. Yummy. Afterwards I dragged him to my home even though he forgot his wallet in the office. I lent him 100baht, which he refused about five times out of embarassment. Poor yoka boy didnt want to be treated alike a moneyboy of course. At my place we started hugging and kissing soon and then he started unbuttoning my pants. Telephone call. Blahblahblablahbyebye. Ok, start again....touch my cock, suck it. telephone call. Blahblahblah. This time I put on my shirt and my pants and started reading my mum's email out of protest. Suddenly yoka boy was quietly standing behind me, put his arms around me and asked about the email and saying sorry...I wasnt 100% in the mood anymore, but still 90%. He is good with his hands and varying between very good and poor with his mouth. I touched him too but mister yoka boy's big cock didnt want to get very hard. He had next day work on his mind...I can accept that. Diligent Thai men are not found in abundance and it's better to have someone diligent who goes home early than someone who lies or pretends. I like yoka boy. He's a good guy, I am pretty sure about that. He's nice and cuddly and once in a while, a smile rushes over his face when we kiss. However, I am not in love -yet at least.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

bangkokbitch packing bags

But first, what about the weekend? It was not gay. In fact I dont quite know what to write about it. On Saturday, I had to take care of my babies. No, bangkokbitch doesnt have some secret kids from some earlier straight (sexual) adventures. My plants are my babies. Well even though I have a lovely apartment with a gorgeous view, I dont want to be the only living organism in my place (except the cheeses in the fridge:) I have six plants. They like to sit right next to each other on the ground on a japanese bamboo mat. It looks wonderful. But since I am going away for two weeks, my babies needed rescue. My best friend the moralist, formerly known as bamboo diva promptly offered himself as a temporary mum and dad for my babies. He already thinks that they like him more than me by the way. I think we are going to have a catfight over them when I am back again.

Anyway, then I dropped off my babies at the moralist's place and we looked at street fashion pictures online. Inspiring. I wonder how long we have to wait until we can see the results of these inspirations in my wardrobe. Then, for some reason we both felt really down and just went for a walk, which was a great great great thing to do. We disocovered a new lovely, romantic and exciting place not too far from the moralist's house. God bless Bangkok, there might just be something interesting around every corner here. Then, a man from the Northeast of Thailand offered me to eat with him. That was very cute. The night ended with me drinking LEO beer and getting terribly bloated by it.

Today, I had to attend some business at 9am. Yes on a sunday. Then I went for a haircut at my favourite Siam Square place. They always give you the full service. Someone washes your hair nicely, someone else cuts it thoroughly, someone again washes and dries it extensively, followed by the not-too-short styling session. Thais love procedures. In the second washing and drying part, I had the tall hot guy serving me. He's quite tall and skinny. He looks really handsome from far away and from close-up he's a very shy countryside boy (esp when he smiles...teeth!!!) I breathed heavily but silently when he was drying my hair. I dont know but I couldnt stop watching him in the mirror. Being Thai, he noticed it and played along - who knows why. Oh, he saw me and my friends outside already before we reached the hair salon and acknowledged me (it's my 4th time there). But that doesnt mean anything.
That's not my hairdresser - but I would like him to be...

Now I am getting ready for my trip. On Tuesday, bangkokbitch will leave the homegrounds to attack another country where it's normally not quite so warm as here. Lets call it bushland (yes I know it sounds bland but there are more bushes there than here in bangkok...) I shall still update you from my adventures - even though they will be less numerous than here.

By the way: tomorrow second dinner date with yoka boy. I want to see him before I go away!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yoka boy

Dear readers, I am sorry you had to wait long for my update but more important things kept me busy virtually every minute of the last four days.

Alright, exams finished, date completed successfully, badminton played and planning for my trip advanced a bit. Time for the blog.

Ok, the date with Yoka boy. You might remember, I was a bit naughty a week ago and sneaked yoka boy's phone number while his friend the japanese tourist 1 was in the shower. That was rude of me I must admit, but it paid off. I am learning slowly that opportunities do not come twice (see the other opportunities that were not taken a few months ago: blowjob in Centralworld toilet with a hiso guy, sex in the taxi with ayutthaya boy) I had to grab the opportunity.

So we agreed on a date. We met near his workplace, which luckily is only 15 minutes walk away from my home. Then we had dinner at the local market. I turned around and saw a huge mosque. Now I dont want to turn this into a cultural blog entry, I still must admit that having a mosque, a hindu temple, a church and a buddhist temple within 15 minutes walk is quite cool.

Back to yoka boy. I was a bit stunned when I saw him. The last time he struck me as a really down-to-earth guy with a bit of an over-casual look...it was not bad but I had seen more fashionable guys in Bangkok. Not that it's THAT important but we do all know that the clothes we wear say something about us. This time around, yoka boy was dressed in his work clothes. A black shirt and black pants. He looked handsome and elegant - and he was soooooooooo shy. 30 minutes before he called me to say that me might not want to stay at my place because his hairdryer might wake me up. Was that just Thai friendliness or was that a way to save his face?

After the dinner we walked to my place and - arrived inside - we enjoyed the view together, soon being very very close to each other.

The hairdryer problem was solved and apparently his reservation was just to check if I really really wanted him to stay over.It hadnt felt so nice to hug someone for a very long time. Then, we softly fell on the bed where we enjoyed the skyline together, closely holding onto each other. His mouth had that kind of taste that you just want to keep kissing the whole night. We didnt quite do that one of my arms was surely touching him all night and he made cute little noises whenever I put an arm around him. We did have sex too but that didnt matter at all. We were both pretty nervous and it was more the kind of sex where you stop to just smile at each other and hold each other tight.

Lets hope these arent the last lines that I will write about yoka boy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

bangkokbitch minus 2000 baht

nono, I wasnt robbed or anything.

today was a good day. I went shopping to jatujak with bamboo diva. We shopped there last week already but neither of us was really in the mood and I hadnt planned what I needed to buy so that was a major disapointment. This time however it was different.

Since I am heading to a colder place in 10 days for a "business-trip", I needed to refurbish my closet.

What does a proper homosexual do in that case? ALL the clothes on the bed and assess the wardrobe.

The result: I needed to buy a few shirts of plain colour wearable with suit, a scarf of any colour, a sweater of any colour and optionally a few accessories and some black pants. The result: success. All the way. We decided to heat out to JJ early today and that was the key to success. There at 10am - ok 10.15 since I am ALWAYS late. Sorry bamboo diva!
The result of the little adventure you can see here. I am really proud of the two of us. We worked all the Sois of importance to fashionistas and Bamboo diva was successful too of course, reaking in four shirts! For me, I can call a brown sweater, two white shirts and one pink shirt, green way-fares (is that how to write it) and two absolutely divinely magic or magically divine scarves. This all for less than 2000 baht. A good deal.
The result. Look at these green sunglasses. If you spot them in BKK you might see me, the bangkokbitch in flesh and blood.

Apart from all that shopping we also flirted our way through the weekend market. It was quite incredible today. I think I set a new record for eye-contact-smiles in a day. I must have looked quite stunning today as I am not really in flirting mood just now.
And in other important news. I told you last time that there will be more to follow on the japanese tourist 1 and yoka boy story. I can keep the promise. Japanese tourist 1 has deleted me off his MSN and there shall be a dinner date with yoka boy on Wednesday. Things are looking up indeed!

Friday, September 12, 2008

im out there to break hearts

Yesterday my mission seemed to have been to break hearts. Ok, only two of them. But two a day is enough. I dont like doing it.

The lost teddy being lost.

You may remember the lost teddy. He is my classmate and in officially love with me since August 12. That's about a month now. Not much change since then. I walk somewhere, he will try to join. I talk to my favourite girls (and guy), he will stand besides and wait patiently. We are going to eat together, he will obviously seat himself as far away from2 me as possible (I guess that's supposed to be a noble gesture for me). Today, the lost teddy hit the jackpot again and I had to be a bit rude. After having lunch with the classmates, I wanted to have a coffee to discuss a few gay things with my lovely classmate, the persian bottom (he is 100% thai but looks very middle-eastern). Of course, the lost teddy, wearing his typical loose track pants, carrying a HUGE sports bag and 1.5litres of bottled water discreetly joined us - so....I turned around and walked away with the girls, bitchily saying "I wanna go home". The persian bottom and the lost teddy were now trapped together. persian bottom friend later told me that he playfully flirted with the teddy but that the teddy thought this is a serious attempt, saying, "persian bottom" we cant be in a relationship. RIDICULOUS. This man is confused and has no idea. Someone help him pls.

The second heart I broke yesterday is a Japanese one. Japanese tourist number 1 (number 2 probably wont come due to the "political unrest") came to Bangkok to relax from the tough everyday life in Japan, to visit his Thai friend the yoka boy (thais cant say yoga) and to visit me, the bangkokbitch. As it happened, we all met at his hotel (poshposhposh) and had dinner (paid by the japanese tourist 1) at some good italian restaurant. Now what's gonna happen, I see you think. Bangkokbitch sensed quickly that there are looks that are just a bit too long from the yoka boy. Bangkokbitch returned them. Then, we all went back to the poshposhposh hotel, me with some Beer LEO, The japanese tourist number 1 with a bacardi breezer and some 7up and the yoka boy with some iced coffee. Hehe. The beauty of Asian people is that a lot of them get drunk really really easily. Japanese tourist number 1 was quickly drunk and was tired, lying down on the bed. Me and the yoka boy were outside on the balcony on the 57th floor when yoka boy shily proclaimed: "I like to be hugged". Ok, that was a clear pickup line. Later, I made a hint that my shoulders are hurting. Within about .5 seconds, the yoka boy was behind me massaging my shoulders. Yoka boy was staying at the hotel since the two of them used to be flatmates too back in Australia and since his home was rather far away. Yoka boy pushed the japanese tourist number 1 to go have a shower, which he didnt wanna do (I know why). Then yoka boy went himself, finally followed by the japanese tourist 1. So, that means yoka boy and me had a few minutes for ourselves....What did we do? I asked his phone number. Then he was stretching his body close to me and just hugged him, touched and stroked his arm and head and rested my head on his. It felt very nice. Then we went on to touch each others hand softly. He closed his eyes and smiled. But oops, someone else is still around and we suddenly had to move away from each other. Then I went home and got an sms from japanese tourist 1 asking whether I was interested in yoka boy. I answered honestly and broke a japanese heart. He said he doesnt want me to join them today and then went on to say how he can only cry now.

Bangkokbitch breaking hearts.

Voila, two hearts broken today.

But one new phone number of a really nice and cute guy...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Strange 9/11

Well, 9/11 was really strange. And it had nothing to do with terrorism, Arabs with beards or skyscrapers, and not even with Texan Presidents and NY firefighters.

Nono, yesterday I had a candle light shower. It was ultra-romantic. As the flickering light dimly lit the bathroom into a warm, orange light, the silhouette of my body was projected on the wall of the shower as I could see myself rubbing the jasmine-scented soap onto my silky skin.

Ok, snap out of it, there was a power cut and I was too afraid to shower in the dark. Hehehe. So I had to get my lovely candle, light it up and find a place for it somewhere in the shower. It was romantic, but I was alone and it was 7.30am. Not so romantic after all.
Bangkokbitch's silhouette as he was having a shower in the dark. OK, forget about the light in the foreground;)

Bangkokbitch's silhouette as the power went back on again:P

One hour later I still had no power and I was getting freaking hot (remember I live in Bangkok, it's about 28 degrees C at 7.30am these days outside) as my fan and aircon didnt work of course. I started to get worried because the lift in the building worked, which means there must have been some kinda source of energy. Maybe a hidden solar panel or windmill on top of our building or just a simple power generator with diesel (lets not be illusionary about the Thai Green credentials). I started checking my bills and found that I paid the power bill in due time. Instantly (like 2 minutes later) the TV went on again. Ok, the Gods have maybe just waited for me to check my bills. Actually it rained. Rain is an excuse for everything here. Not coming to a date? "it rained". Being a bit sick: "it's the raining season". Being late for work: "it rained". Power cut: "it rained". I am starting to get Thai too and dont like to go out at all when it rains. At the beginning the Thai rain felt rather nice as it is really warm and you dont need to put on 2 jackets when it rains because it's so freaking cold like in other - less blessed - parts of the world. But now I hate the rain. Lets bring on the dry season!!!

The other odd thing happened on the skytrain. The skytrain in Bangkok is used by middle to upper-class people (not the very rich ones, they use their Mercedes) - and students! Especially my line. It's a wonderful place for sightseeing and I have been picked up in the skytrain before!!! I firmly believe it's possible to pick someone up from the skytrain. I -and I am not the only one here - always scan my neighbourhood for candidates.
Yesterday I was peacefully sitting in the skytrain and the door was still open as we were ready to depart. But there was a guy standing just outside of the door and looked at me with a HUGE smile. Now this is not "a bit of shy flirting", this was a clear sign!! I gave him a questioning and rather serious look - something like "why the f**k are you smiling at me like this?". If he would have been better looking I would have smiled and gone out to ask him personally what he would have liked to tell me. Maybe he could have explained me while I would have been massaging his shoulders with my lovely lemongrass massage oil. But he wasnt, so I gave him an evil look.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My future husband (or wife?)

The signature look. I love it/him.

After this depressing account of bangkokbitch's problems with the 7/11 guy, we now turn to his future husband (or wife).

Wonderful smile in front of that aircon-unit in the background.

Love this style. SCARF in Bangkok, I wanna try that too (even if I am going to sweat like there is no tomorrow)

Yoshi a little younger on the left side. On the right side he's out there to get me. HOT!!!

Wonderful that vest, very very fashionable. On the right he lost it. สาวมากๆ!!!

The Thai band C-Quint is pretty out there at the moment and at Siam Center a couple of months ago, bangkokbitch and bamboo diva saw them perform live. We both fell in love - with different members of the band of course. Bamboo diva with....oh I dont remember, sorry honey and me (of course I remember) with Yoshi. Ok, it's a silly name, but try his friends: Pitt, Bank (he must be good with money), Best (his parents must have known he is something special) and Fluke (that is just plain funny). So no question, Yoshi is the best.

His friends. Fluke, Bank, Best, Pitt and my husband.

Little Yoshi. Gay at the age of 5 already.

YOU are going to be my husband, bangkokbitch.

Enjoy the pictures. Next time I will post the pictures of Yoshi and me getting married. Please let me know if you find him any good and what you think about his friends.

The 7/11 guy that ruined my sleep

Fellow blogger bkkdreamer has already extensively posted on his 7/11 (boy) experience here and here.

Now it's my turn. This has long been a topic in my daily life, not recently anymore though. But this morning at 5:06am it became rather current again.

Let me tell you the story from the beginning.

I realised 7/11 guy likes me about 3 weeks after I moved in my place here. He worked at the local 7/11 at nights and I'd often go out late to get some water or juice or whatever I needed. (condoms were not bought from there - EVER). We flirted a lot and even though he is not what we would call a classic Thai beauty, I thought he had something nice in his eyes, life and honesty. Then, I turned up with my friend, the badminton sixpack, a hot (the name says it) and handsome man from Bangkok (central Thai look). That made 7/11 guy jealous. He immediately asked me the next time where I lived and whether that was my boyfriend and whether I lived alone etc. Things looked up. Things looked even more up as I saw him one day outside of the shop getting some food. I stopped and asked for his number and name. I called him and the next day he was in my place before he went to work - to chat a bit. Nonononono, there was no sex. He was shy and I could feel that, so I thought lets take it slowly.

From then on things went downhill. Either he was disappointed I didnt fuck the hell out of him, or he was not quite content with my place or he became even more shy, whatever it was but mister 7/11 guy didnt answer my calls anymore. Then one day I saw him outside the shop at midnight drinking with his friends. I joined and we had a good time. Then we walked around (he was with his two ubiquitous girlfriends). He hugged me and then we parted.

That was it - for about 2 months... except I sent him messages when I was drunk like "Kit teung na ja pii xxx (I miss you older "brother" xxx)". He seemed to have less working hours and the 7/11 was closed for a month for renovation.

Until this morning at exactly 5:06am.

Me: " Hello".

7/11 guy: "Hello, can I come to you? I work at 7/11 now"

Me: "Ahmmmmmm.......I just woke up"

7/11 guy: "I want to see you now"

Me: "Did you change jobs I didnt see you for a long time"

7/11 guy: "Yes, can I see you now. I work tonight too."

Me: "Ahm.....I just woke up........."

7/11 guy: "Ok, sorry, bye."

Up to you to think what you want. I am still confused as to WHY and especially WHY AT 5:06AM he had to call to see my right now. Even though I was about 85% asleep even when I talked to him, I remember that he was seriously nervous. After the call, I had to do something and then fell asleep. I dreamt about giving 7/11 guy a blowjob and then that was all set up in Korea. When I was finished he left me and I was sad. Oh and I also dreamt of the bamboo diva (see in other posts) and of watching a football game in England in a deserted town, where I caught a train. Ok YOU try to make sense of that. That sounds like I am a bit fucked up.

I think his girlfriends told him to to call me or something. My answer to his weirdness is not conclusive at all, here a few possibilities:

  1. "He has a (farang) bf": He hardly EVER takes the phone and speaks passable English. Yet he denied when I asked him if he had a boyfriend.

  2. "He is SHY.": That's very possible. But the ones who say they are shy are generally not.

  3. "He is bored by me." Possible. I think we are both more on the feminine side of things. I dont care about that at all - but Thais do!!! But he loves touching me....even in 7/11 when he is working!!!

I called him just before - but no answer of course. Let me go see him in 7/11 later and see what the bangkokbitch-7/11 guy-saga will hold for us today.

ADDITION: I went to 7/11. The guy was there and VERY VERY shy. He said sorry and he was in the disco and a bit drunk...ok lets see what happens next.

Friday, September 5, 2008

the death of silom...?

A dead end for Silom?

a hi-so friend of mine told me the other day that apparently the gay crowd is moving away from Langsuan to Silom - but according to me none of that seems to happen.

Yesterday night, the bangkokbitch and the bamboo diva convened at bangkokbitch's headquarters, where some healthy pasta was cooked. Then, they watched an American gay movie...called...ehm...I need to SMS bamboo diva to ask....one moment please. - Ok back, it's called "shelter" and it was very average. Story goes: Cute artsy student with fucked up family and girlfriend lives in bad neighbourhood in some Californian town. Rich and older friend visits from out of town. Young boy (who is really cute by the way...havent actually stared at a caucasian so intensely for a while! Question: Why do they always have hot and cute guys playing main roles in gay movies???) spends time with older guy, they drink and play and then suddenly kiss and so on. Young boy is confused and distances himself from the old guy. Later, young boy is coming to terms with his gayness and gets back together with old guy. Funnily, young boy's sister is leaving for portland, OR and thus cant take her kid (who knows why) and leaves the little boy with young boy and old guy who are now suddenly dads (after being in a relationship for less than a week with already one "break"). Woohoo. Anyone doesnt know the meaning of cliché? Watch the movie and you will find out.

Then, the two girls felt ready to conquer the real gay world out there in Silom only to be extremely disappointed. Silom was friggin dead! Friday night at 11pm. The place should burst out of its seams. But nope. Ok, it rained a bit in the early evening but that cant be the reason. I think the travel warnings of the different Asian Governments have been effective in preventing their dear citizens from visiting the City of Angels. Soi 4 was not packed and the usuals such as chimney boy (who was seriously on drugs this time), hunchback boy (one of the only waiters there who is countryside and still manages to look good. sadly he had to go away with an old farang who offed him), bamboo diva's ex from France and a few elderly regulars. So after two martinis we called it a day and I took a taxi with a cute driver back home. Our eyes met a few times during the drive (in the rear mirror). At the end he turned around and gave me a very very big smile giving me back some return money. (I didnt even care how much cause i was looking at his face) I think he was straight.

Ok I must say, lately I have really noticed the economic downturn and the additionally bad effect of the political problems. Silom is dead. Farang are bargaining like mad, moneyboys on gayromeo are getting increasingly desperate, taxi drivers are not as friendly as they used to be and even in the Siam area, the shoppers have decreased sharply...I wonder when and how and if Silom is going to recover...that area used to be one of my favourite just to hang out in the nights. You'd see many gay Asian tourists, unlikely farang-thai straight and gay couples and the occasional 90s style European gay with short greyish hair, tight singlet and ear-ring and many many other funny, crazy things. Lets hope this is not the death of Silom.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the lesbian apple and the hi-so date

We all know there are some political troubles in our beloved country. Bangkokbitch will not comment too much as she doesnt feel quite qualified enough to judge the situation and the involved people. The only thing she has to say too all of the involved....please embrace Thai values such as modesty, consideration, cautiousness a bit more. In plain English. Stick your heads together and find a bloody solution - without blood!

The lesbian apple.
But now to the more interesting things. Bangkokbitch is becoming a lesbian, as much so as she was called, and I quote "a traitor to the gay movement" by no less than the bamboo diva. What happened??? Well, I have a new friend...the apple. The apple is a really really (really) cute girl, well, a lesbian. She looks and dresses boyish but isnt a tomboy. I like her *blush*. I really like her to the point that I have just a bit of a good feeling in the tummy when I am around her. We actually spend a lot of time together like EVERY day now...but she is a lesbian, so she likes girls and I am gay and I do prefer a nice dick to boobs...even if hers are not that large...oops...a bit naughty there. Actually, the apple and me, we get literally OGLED by the Thais (mostly hot and fashionable GAYS...) Why??? It doesnt seem very common to see a boyish cute Thai girl with an obviously gay farang...I wonder what they are thinking. "Does the farang think she is a boy?" "Does the farang know he is with a lesbian?" "Can a farang gay be with a Thai lesbian?" "They look f*cking HOT!" "I wanna be his boyfriend/her boyfriend!" ....and so on. Pls...I am open for suggestions.

Imagine Bangkokbitch getting a massage by the hi-so gym guy here.

The other thing that happened is highly positive. I had another date...(a bit many again these days). This time with hi-so gym guy. hi-so gym guy is already 30, well....that's still young (I dont want to offend anyone) - as he would go on to prove....Anyway, we met at Emporium (hi-so alarm!!!) Then hi-so gym guy took bangkokbitch to the restaurant...and treated him. LOVELY!!! I LIKE!!! next time is my turn...hehehe. then we proceeded to the adjacent park where we walked around the lake about 3 times and then sat down on the bench for some talking. upon sitting down, hi-so gym guy's leg touched bangkokbitch's leg and that's when I knew how this is going to end up. Later I suggested to either " go SOMEWHERE for a drink or to my place for a drink". The answer was of course clear. A few minutes later I was naked on the bed getting a 30-minutes oil massage by the hi-so gym guy. That was then followed by nearly 2 friggin hours of caressing, touching, holding, squeezing, slipping, licking....you name it. but NO intercourse. It was mind-boggling. The hi-so gym guy was so manly at first but then suddenly revealed an incredible tenderness. I would have NEVER thought that. And his body. OHHHHH MY GOD. It's as tough as steel, EVERYTHING. the chest, the tummy, even his ass, pure meat. Wonderful. Ok now I am going into overdrive. Just to say, this was not only about the sex at all. There was something more. But wait, here's the problem. I am going away in 3 weeks and when I am back he will be in New York - for a few MONTHS. tough luck.