Wednesday, February 25, 2009

snowy switzerland

Anyone fancy a view like this with me the next time?

I am now in Switzerland with my two Thai classmates. At the beginning it was -10C and I really cant remember when I last felt -10C. The girls of course never did and were even colder than me.

We did many fun things, including visiting Switzerland's biggest city, Zurich. I tell you, it's very very quiet and the people are quite rude...but I enjoyed listening to two Thai countryside gays who were shopping at H&M. I hoped they would say something about me but they were too far away.

Fasnacht in Lucerne. Camels, green statues of liberty with three arms, and kathoey trumpeteer.

Then, we also went to Lucerne. That's a very pretty place, kind of like a mini-zurich. I was surprised at the amount of Asian tourists there, mostly from China (or Singapore/HongKong/TW) and Japan. We were lucky, because there was a festival called fasnacht being celebrated, where everyone dresses up in funny costumes, gets drunk and plays loud music. It is supposed to drive out winter. It didnt work and stayed cold.

Even the birds are cold in Lucerne

Then we went to Bern. Probably the smallest capital in the world of any "normal" country. It's quite scenic though. (I didnt take any pictures, too cold and gloomy)

Yesterday, the highlight of the trip: Lausanne. This is a really lively town on Lake Geneva and somewhat more colourful, interesting and welcoming than the German Swiss towns. Lausanne also has a strong connection to the Thai royals. The King lived there in this younger years as did most of the other royals.

Meiringen, a nice town in the Bernese Alps

Today we went skiing and my legs hurt now!!! Me, being an experienced mountaineer ;) (yeah right) showed the girls a bit how to ski. They must have fallen down about 100 times each...but it was fun! Enjoy my pictures...on friday I am off to Italy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

winter fashion in farangland - winter fashion in bangkok

Right now, it is -10C outside. That's quite different to the 35C in Bangkok these days...I am struggling just like my two Thai (girl) friends who arrived yesterday. I must be half-Thai these days because even though I love the cold, my body does not like it.

When I arrived here, I didnt have many warm clothes, obviously. So I had to go shopping with mum. It was quite fun. My family has a bit of a fashion tradition (grandma was a taylor, mum had a knitting shop) so you see where I got my fashion genes from.

Shopping for clothes in the nearest "city" (pop. 20,000) was strange. You come into the shop, people want to know what you want, and "just looking around" as an answer doesnt seem common. If you try something on and dont buy it, you will be asked why you are not going to buy this piece. And you also need to fold the piece that you did not buy and put it back where you found it. Odd.

As for the fashion itself, it was a huge shock for me that it was basically the same as in Bangkok - which raises a lot of questions.

I saw the following: scarves in the same thin fabric and design as previously bought at JJ Market in Bangkok - for 100US$!!! Shirts with the same oval shaped designs on the chest (they have been in fashion for a while in Bangkok). Stripey, stripey sweaters - same as I bought at Keven in Bangkok, a few weeks ago. A bag with the same "scottish-inspired" carré design and colours, much alike my bag, acquired from Siam Square. And of course also the lumberjack-style shirts, which have been so fashionable lately in Bangkok. Same same same...

Is there an explanation for this? Well, I think - and this is all just a thought - that the JJ and Siam Square designers have a look or two at the big European designers, and also at H&M (Swedish fashion chain). For example, WHY did I see exactly the same design of crossed lines below the collar on a sweater that I bought at a well-known designer's shop at JJ Market and at H&M today? I dont think that's either coincidence, or H&M visiting JJ Market...

my friends, enlighten me please...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

winter wonderland

Well, judging from the picture, bangkokbitch is not in Bangkok right now. On the contrary, this morning I went snow shoveling. It trained my abs and arms and it was really cold...

In Bangkok, I missed the snow...but now, I miss Bangkok a bit to be's so quiet here...

When I was picked up at the airport, there were complaints about how bad the traffic was...but boy it was nothing. I didnt notice that we stood still for a while. We Bangkokians are used to that.

But not quite to the snow here...later today I am going to drive...goodness, it's gonna be fun, driving in the snow. I have a few family members to visit....both grannies and a good fag friend. His boyfriend broke up with him last week so that's a good time for him to meet me...we shall have a fun time.

In the meantime - excuse me, I am jet-lagged and I need to shower and put on my plethora of creams

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye bye home

A year is nearly over since I moved to Bangkok and it is time to vacate my home. It's always quite emotional to take out all the belongings and clean the place. and very odd to see a home, which up until a day ago you have lived in, to suddenly look totally empty, barren and lifeless.
Bye bye Sathorn.

At the end, there's always this sensation of loneliness, when you look around your place for that one last time - and you find the traces of your year-long stay with all the many experiences and memories but in your mind. Your home is not quite your home anymore, it is becoming someone else's.

Watch out for emotions Bkkdreamer when you move place in a couple of days, the nostalgia is out to get us:)...and you have stayed at your old place a bit longer than I have...

In my case it is a youngish Australian, from Perth, who has lived in Bangkok for 8 years and had a Thai passport with him. I dont think it is his - as he could hardly pronounce "Chong Nonsi" (a Skytrain station). He was making jokes about girlfriends....and I always find it hard to believe that people actually think I might be straight. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

A tribute to my old home - and that gorgeous view I shall never forget.

I am now at my boyfriend's place (he's sleeping peacefully next to me - and now snoring:) until my flight leaves in the afternoon. I'm kinda sad to go away for a month - Bangkok grabs you and doesnt let you go. I miss it even in anticipation of leaving it.

But there should be enough to see, think about and report to you in the next month. Europe shall brace has never seen a bangkokbitch (with 10 Thai (girl)-classmates in kow-tow). It should be FUN!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meeting Bkkdreamer and Kawadjan

Last night, I met fellow bloggers Bkkdreamer and Kawadjan for some whisky, beer, discussions, somtam and laughs. We went to bkkdreamer's new favourite hideout in Pinklao, where the lovely owner khun wirut was ill and not very talkable this time.

Bkkdreamer wrote in his last entry that he met "two prominent members of the Bangkok gay blogging establishment" but really, it is the other way around. bkkdreamer for me is clearly the queen of all gay bloggers of bangkok. No other blogger of prominence can give us an equal feeling of being part of his life, and being part of Bangkok (or Thonburi as a matter of fact).

And whereas other prominent bloggers somehow try to not reveal any information about themselves, Bkkdreamer's posts are getting more and more personal, a fact I really appreciate.

Bkkdreamer is the first person I ever meet through blogs - and he is also the first ever farang friend I have made in Bangkok. I have always wanted to find gay farang friends here in Bangkok but that is not easy.
I feel there is a general lack of online-representation of people like bkkdreamer and me who are not just here to find a Thai boy and call the Sex-bars our second homes.
Sadly, bangkok-based, or bangkok-side travelling gay farang blogs or fora-content is all too often focused on how much a boy is for a night or how to best treat your kept boys.

kawadjan is of course the queen of fashion, style and bitchiness, but also his movie reviews and travel reports ("I dont like bus trips over 1 hours and hate tents") are legendary. He also taught me a lot about las islas and their wonderful people.

guys, I never thought that blogging could be such a rewarding thing to do, and such a good way to meet great people!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to Silom - not quite...

My old Singapore friend, mister louis vuitton hermes comme des garçons is here. At one time, we were a bit close but now I see him as a very good friend. He however, sends out confusing messages. When he's in Singapore he will rave for weeks and weeks about how happy he is to see me - being here, he hardly talked to me. I think he's jealous of my K-pop boyfriend...:)

Anyway, mister louis vuitton blahblahblah took 4 of his friends here and they are going to Hua Hin to celebrate some German guy (with thai boyfriend)'s birthday. yawn yawn.

Ok, the merlions from singapore arrived yesterday and we went to eat out, a very average thai-fusion meal, which was not cheap. And I just need to tell you something I knew all along but that I keep burning myself with. Do not attempt to buy fancy food here, unless it's really high-class. The best Thai food can be found - on the street and in dark little restaurants.

The merlions descending upon Bangkok.

The group of us then went to Silom soi 4. By the time we arrived (11pm), it was empty-ish but the same (old) tired and f*cked up faces were there again. Nothing ever changes in Soi 4 it seems. There are some new joints, especially towards the end of the soi. We sat down in one of them and then the waiter arrived. 30 minutes later I had to hold myself back not to strangle him. He kept wandering around us, drinking beer with us and chatting us up revealing his underwear and talking with this typically ultra gay-thai-moneyboyish voice.....where you come frommmmmmmm? ohhhhhh so you speak (x)-language....that man must know farang inside out especially their dicks.

Ok, I am not much better sadly. After 10 minutes at soi 4 I saw two people I knew. One guy, who actually seemed quite nice when we met but it turned out he is a selfish bitch. I ignored him. Another guy was a guy dressing as a girl with about 7 sarongs, touching his hair about every 5 seconds (my bf keeps wondering WHYWHYWHY girly boys keep touching their hair, can anyone enlighten us?). I used to chat to him. He's actually very nice but we never met.

Yesterday, the merlion group and me went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar for dinner and shopping. It's still one of my absolute favourite place in Bangkok. And if your style is, handsome, trendy gays AND tourists (hong kong, korea, japan, singapore), go THERE!

Then, the merlions asked me to get them a taxi to Surawong Street - and the experienced Bangkokians among us know what they were gonna see. I then went home - at 10pm - because I dont fancy paying watching drugged-up boys fucking each other. Shame on you, Singapore tourists.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

in praise of ARI

Im condo-hunting and watching Gordon Ramsay at the moment...

Condo-hunting. This is my number one activity at the moment. At the moment I live in Sathon but that will have an end - in 10 days....then I am off to Europe for the trip of the year...Switzerland, Italy and Belgium...see the common theme? CHOCOLATE!!!! Lindt milk chocolate and toblerone in Swiss, black chocolate and coffee in Italy and truffles (mhmmmmmmmm, it's melting in my mouth) in Belgium...

Can you see the little salmon-coloured star? That's ARI.

Anyway, I thought I had a condo at Noble Lite in Ari. I had been looking at that freaking condo for like 100 times and thought I had it, but then it slipped. Oh well. Now I have three options....two in the area of Ari and one on Sukhumvit 26...I dont know anything about Suk 26...because obviously it's a neither gay area nor an area that's close to my current home or my workplace. Suk 26 is basically all-Japanese and EXPENSIVE. I dont think I can (and want) to afford it.

So Ari it should be then. I am in love with Ari, honestly. Visit this freaking place on 6pm, eat at one of the many streetfood places, go shop some good European chocolate at Villa Market and eat an IBERRY ice cream while sitting outside. You are guaranteed to be looked at by some really handsome gay - that is if you look as good as I do *blink*.

I need to talk a bit more about the gays in Ari. I have been there about half a dozen times now within 2 weeks and gosh, every time I see heaps of eye-candy. It's not the reason why I want to move there but it's part of it. The kind of people that live there are a very very cool bunch. Not the pretentiousness of Sukhumvit. Not the moneyboyness of Silom. And not the teenieness of Siam. They seem quite edgy, and not so uptight and are in their mid-20s - ideal. Also, my place should be more towards Saphan Kwai, so I can escape to the moneyboy's homes if I get sick of the edgy Ari-gays. *blink*

You can read about ARI here. Not very insightful but not bad...

Alright ARI, watch out, a bitch is on the way to come and GET you!!! I will OWN ARI!!!

Regarding Gordon Ramsay....well...I have always LOVED cooking. I really want to know all the ingredients of products so I can make it myself - and alter the I have been watching Gordon Ramsay...I love this guy. He lets some guy fondle his cock one time, kisses his male-friends on the cheek and says: I have many gay friends and they love pastry. He's a genius!