Monday, October 13, 2008

working my way down the "people-to-meet-list"

back in bangkok for a week and it's been busybusybusy and very hot. I thought winter is around the corner but it's been quite burning and really humid at times.

I have taken a long time to write anything here on the blog because after the story with the chinese secret service boy in farangland I couldnt find anything as substantial and interesting to write about. But then again I cant fall for someone different every single week so you I will offer you an update of the situation. It's not like I have been quiet sitting at home waiting for my prince to appear. For some reason, I have had DATE GALORE since I have been back.

How did that happen? Well.....when I was in farangland I had all these people writing me and I always had to say: "yes I live in bangkok but I am away at the moment". "So when will you be back?" "October 8." Well, for these guys October 8 must have been some kind of day of the appearance of the Holy Maria....because when I came back, I had clocked up such a large "people-to-meet-list" that I had to get moving quickly.

The famed "people-to-meet-list".

There was the Indonesian martial arts boy that I met in Singapore. (he is actually a friend of mine not just some guy). We met only for about 3 hours or so. I arrived late in the evening and he had to get up early (like at 5am) for something immigration-related. We had a good time but he was very nervous and shy. Nevertheless, when I had a shower he was suddenly standing behind me, so there goes the theory about shyness. The rest of the evening will remain uncommented.

Then, the japanese tourist number 2. Remember number 1? He introduced me to yoka boy (who by the way seems to be busy or something...I prefer SMS and he doesnt call me so we stay silent). Number 2 was fun. I went to have gorgeous dinner at CentralWorld Mall with him, where some hi-so Thais celebrated a birthday with Thai karaoke - WONDERFUL, I just LOVE Thai music. Then we went to this mind-bogglingly colourful and crazy Hindu festival in Silom, which was a procession for Ganesh. There were manymanymany gays and kathoeys (ladyboys) watching and I was wondering why...then I found out that Ganesh is the Hindu god for overcoming obstacles and creativity... so we gays must love him - logical isnt it. Then there were some men in trance (I suppose they must have been "in contact" with the gods) that were walking around in the procession and they dispersed powder and garlands over the people - some of them even had spears through their cheeks - it was amazing. Then, japanese tourist number 2 got a dirty shirt from the powder so I offered him that he can wash it at my place. That was a mistake because he then stayed overnight and I thought I cant send him home at 2am...great, my heart is just too good.

In the evening I met Lumpini boy. He's the prettiest guy I ever was on a date with. And that made me very very shy. We stayed in the park for a long time and just talked. It was nice. He's smart and very pretty but also quite shy. Then somehow we went to my place and he felt less comfortable. However, he then sat next to me and started kissing me with the softest and most tender lips ever. It was very nice. Afterwards, he sat up and said: I have to leave now. He was probably waiting for me to say: NOOOO. But I was so shy in the light of this beautiful creature. So he left.

The weekend, I just stayed at home - until sunday night, when some 19yo boy asked me to come to his condo. He seemed nice enough and I could trust him immediately that he wouldnt strap me of cash, rape me, throw me from his balcony or anything alike. He owns a big internet-site and makes a lot of money out of that. He has any gadget you can imagine and just crashed his brand-new BMW. He will get a new one though. It was nice enough. This boy (he's not a man yet the way he was playing with his gadgets and mentioning BMW's) is used to dealing with farang, I could tell - and there were more things from my farang home country in his appartment than in mine...that was odd. But he's a nice guy, if a little childish.

Yesterday then finally, I went to Rachada to buy a new badminton racket. I remembered that a guy that I chat to lives around there. Surely, he was just working out in the gym while I was at the same mall. We talked for a long time and even though his english is not very good, he tries to articulate himself and talks non-stop anyway. He's a little clown and a welcome distraction from the general shy Thai crowd. Rachada boy is tall, the same age as me, has a welcoming, cute face and as I said, is really fun to hang out with. That's good news.

In other news, tonight my ex-boyfriend will arrive here in Bangkok to stay for 10 months. I dont even know why I havent written about him in this blog because we actually get along really well. Lets see if this will go "back to the future" eventually or not. Also, my dad will visit soon. In the holiday section, me and my buddy the moralist will soon venture out to the countryside for a weekend trip and a week later, I will be off to the beach with my classmates. Wonderful. Life as bangkokbitch is busy as you can see and I hope I can work down the "people-to-meet-list" a little bit.


TAO said...

WOW! So you have been busy!

Guess you need the badminton racket just to swat the boys away...

BB said...

you are right!!! tomorrow I will get my new badminton racket! just in time to shoo them guys away!!! I dont know, I am not more attractive or anything but I really do meet better quality guys than at the beginning...and you know it's not like I am only meeting guys, I do other things too...except sleep:)