Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Antique pictures - bored

I dont have so many exciting things to talk abou these days - because there arent any. I am just staying at home every day to read about theories of region integration and globalisation for my thesis.

Yesterday night, me and the boyfriend went to Central World for Japanese dinner, then he bought me a little cake for dessert. I bought some mangoes and mangosteens at Paragon supermarket in turn.

Then we went home and watched a movie, indulging in the desserts.

That's all for updates, I dont go out that much anymore because out of my classmates, I care for two people. One is eternally busy and stays home if it rains (which is like every day) and the other one lives way out in Pattanakarn (halfway to the airport).

Thing is with Thais, even if I have known them for over a year know, and even if we are really close friends actually, they would NEVER invite me to their home.
Can anyone tell me why? Because I really have no idea. I know they live with their families but I also know that they tell their parents like EVERYTHING about me - it's not like I'd be the odd friend from class - I even met the busy friends parents before! And the busy friend lives just a few Soi down the road - so she wouldnt cause me invonvenience by inviting me.

....moving on to my promise of more pictures from the "antique" movie stars. Maybe you are not so keen on them, but I am and I enjoy looking at their pictures:)
Joo Ji-Hoon (주지훈)

Kim Jae-Wook (김재욱)

I love this guy!!!! His style is incredible!!!


Ron and Ben said...

I don't even know your name! I was quite interested on what you are studying and where.
How is your thesis coming? I recall the pain and torture of a dissertation some years ago.
What does your bf do when you stay home all the time? I gather you have lived in BKK for a year. Where do you come from? What are your plans?
Thanks again for your blog. It's pretty interesting.

BB said...

hello ron and ben. You may not know my name, but I dont know which one of your TWO names to use:))))

I have been studying something along the lines of interdisciplinary studies for about 6 years, on 3 different continents now... my thesis is about regional integration and higher education, sounds interesting?:)

my bf studies too, something with music:)

my plans...I have dreams, no plans yet. I hope to get someone to pay me for being "smart" finally, instead of me paying other people for making me "smart":) i.e. I want a good job:)

I dont really have a home country as you can read in my family is from about 3 countries and I have lived in quite a few cities, all of them I would call home.

I would even call myself a bangkokian:)

thanks for reading...hope you enjoy!

SBKK said...

BB... Love reading your blog. Mostly because so many of your thoughts just confirm mine! :-)

I also want to know why we never get invited to Thai people's homes here in BKK. I've been here many years. I have 3 Thai friends I spend a lot of time with. They've all been to my place 100 times. They've been to each others places a few times.

I've never been invited to visit any of them.

I know I look decent. I don't smell bad. I've visited plenty of Thai guys places for hook-ups. So, what's up with these Thai friends that never invite me over??


BB said...

hey sbkk!

wonderful to get such praise - and even cooler to find "like-minded" people.

for me, most of the time I did invite the hook-ups to my place too, most lived with their parents...

it is indeed a puzzle...whywhywhy? my good friend lives just down the road...are we not quite part of their realm because we are farang? do they not want to make us feel inconvenient? or I think: they wouldnt dare to ask the parents not to cause THEM inconvenience.

remember one thing with thais: number one: family, especially parents.
number two: close friends. (we probably cant be in there though, cause we are foreigners)
number three (perhaps): boyfriend.

I have countless stories that prove this classification...

lets hang in there...maybe we get invited.

Which makes me think, I have been theoretically invited to a classmate's home, but I had a row with her and we dont talk anymore.

and I had been to my first romance's home too...but that's another story:) (I must blog about this!)

sbkk said...

One of the friends does not have a lot of money and lives alone. I figure I'm not invited to his place because it would be embarrassing for him for his FARANG friend to see his simple room.

The other two are fairly well off and live with parents. I figure I'm not invited to their homes because special arrangements would have to be made for the FARANG visit.

As for visiting Thai places for hook-ups... yes, most have come to my place. However, when at all possible, I have PUSHED to go to their place instead.

Three reasons:

1. It's a learning experience.

2. I control the time. They won't be late because I am going there.

3. If you invite a Thai guy into your home, you have no idea when they will leave. If I'm at their place, I leave when I'm ready (after I cum!) LOL ;-)

BB said...

hahahaah, you have big laughter attack on my side!!

yes, the farang factor. dont get me started.

as for your theory on hook-ups. i never made "dates" as in: come to my place at 3pm. generally we chat and then we come to the agreement to meet nowish - more than once that was after 2am. I have adapted and am generally late too.

3 is the killer argument. I had one guy staying until the next afternoon. never did I answer his sms or anything else anymore. he never even asked - and was boring - and was bad in bed. let me find the link for you:

I often dont want them to leave right after cumming though...but if you visit them, YOU can control it.

pls write me an email's more practical to talk then on here.

on the right side of the blog: "write me a love letter"



Anonymous said...

Sometimes life in the big city can be quite isolating. The more people around you, the less close you get with them.

I live in Vientiane, which is not really much bigger than a country town back home in Oz. The people around my house all smile and nod a welcome to me but I dont really "know" many of them to talk to. My limited Laos does not make for long conversations. I get invited to their homes sometimes for a party, but they drink a lot and I am not a big drinker.

I do have a number of good, str8, friends and they often want me to go visit their families in their home villages.

BB said...

Sabai dee mister ironbark

Thank you for the comment...I do not feel lonely however. I always have my boyfriend. Without him, a few months ago I used to feel lonely.

I had a look at your blog, interesting. I went to Laos around the Thai/Lao new year. Did you see my blog entries about this trip?

I really love laos and will be back before I leave SEAsia.

Your job sounds interesting by the way, I might get back to you on that some time.

prkmk said...

Hi, I'm thai and I'd like to share some thoughts about inviting farang friends home. here's one of the reasons:
If your thai friend lives in a house, he'd normally live with a big family, like with parents or even with granparents. And the parents, who actually own the house, don't speak english well. So, your friend might feel that this would cause some kind of awkwardness and inconvenience to the house owner(parents). So, it'd be such a big thing if a thai person brings farang home to see his family, esp. for the first time.
And if you get invited, it usually comes with a big meal to treat you well and make you feel most convenient. it's just a thai way of welcoming the guest.
hope this helps.

BB said...

hello prkmk (difficult to pronounce:)

Thank you for speaking up! It's extra-important toI hear some Thai voices in this mishmash of Western opinions and experiences.

I know about the living situation of well-off Thai-Chinese families.

However, I would really hope that they dont treat me as a foreigner. (who speaks a foreign language, looks different and is from a different country and therefore has to be treated differently.)

I have come to hear stories of many Thai friends staying at each other's places and studying together, yet I could never do that. Why the difference?

I can speak reasonable Thai, I met my friends parents, they should not need to cook a huge meal for me just because I am a foreigner...

I had one event which told me a lot about how I am viewed as a foreigner, it was not a bad experience, but it was very telling. I promise to blog on it sometime.