Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Steamy sauna at midnight

Last night, me and the boyfriend felt that we should go swim at midnight. Officially, the pool closes at 10pm, but I knew we can ignore that because I talked to the technician, who has nightshift every night.

You remember him, yes? The guy who's been in my room twice and who's watched camfrog (e.g. naked men on webcam) with me.

Bf and me went past the office, I said hi and asked him if it's ok to go swim. He was topless and only wearing boxer shorts, due to - again - chatting on the webcam. (reminder: he has a boyfriend)

Well, having arrived at the pool, I suddenly noticed the technician behind me - too late - the threw me into the water. That was noisy and naughty.
Technician again

The BF and I kept swimming a bit and he kept watching us. A few minutes later, he took off his boxers and went to turn on the steamy sauna, showered, and went in there.

Then, my bf surprised me. He said he's going to the sauna too, only to turn around half-way. In the 4 years that I know him, he hasnt stricken me as a sex-oriented person, so I was a bit puzzled.

Later, the bored technician joined us in the water, and I, freezing cold as it was (25 degrees possibly) ran into the sauna to warm up. It didnt take more than 20 seconds and we were three.

What now, is what I thought, and the technician and the bf probably too. Instead, the technician kept doing push-ups and talking about his sexy pictures on the net.

Then, the bf reclined on the bench....in any case, i felt it was a highly sexualised environment, and I was puzzled by the situation.

Later, the bf and I left again, and went to have a shower in the adjacent toilets - occupying both stalls. When I finished, the technician was standing there with an - I am not kidding you - enormous *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* inside his underwear.

He passed me and looked at my pants and went to shower himself. And that was it...

Now, 15 hours later, I am still puzzled and confused. The technician wanted a threesome, that's clear. What my boyfriend wanted, was less clear to me - I had never been in such a situation with him.

My guess was that he felt a pinch in his pants but was too shy to act upon it.

Later, we had a grand discussion that ended with us sleeping only at 4am. The bf told me, he thinks that the technician has a "nice body" but did not feel anything sexual this moment. I dont believe him...the cheeky boy.

Or should I believe him? Is it silly to sexualise such a situation? Does it really matter whom you share a steamy sauna at midnight? Should I feel guilty for somehow lusting for a threesome in this moment?

Questions, questions....and I do not know the answers. The only thing I know is that I will be here for another few months, and the technician too I guess, so I better find a solution...

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