Saturday, May 16, 2009

The weekend feeling

I am not a party queen. If you say "weekend" to people my age, most would instantly think "Singha Beer", "Saeng Som Whisky", "party", "drunk", "fun", "a group of friends" and so on...I am absolutely not like that, and have never been.

At 16, I just stayed home because I lived in a tiny village and didnt have any friends. At 18, I got my driver's licence, so I drove to my friend's hometowns, so we could have a (ONE) drink. Not more, because I was the driver.

Laundry day!

At 21, I moved to the other side of the planet, and I had great flatmates, and a boyfriend whom I could share some time with watching European movies (flatmates) or Alias and eat KFC (boyfriend).

Now, a few years later, I am still a domesticated boy. I love drinking alcohol though, but just with a friend or two to get a bit merry and to express things I'd usually not say. Or even just alone.

My friends. This is the censored version, uncensored will be 19.95$ a month:)

Actually, come to think of it...I never had a group of friends. Just a few.

Today is one of these days. I am home, as I have been for the last week anyway, and I am doing the laundry, watching BBC News, eating crackers and cheese and writing on my notorious MA thesis.

Must study!

That's also the reason why I have been home for he last week. I figure writing a text at home works better. Going to the university takes me nearly an hour (including getting dressed, putting on Chanel Allure, and treating my silky hair with mousse, wax and hairspray).

A little side-story I want to tell you: Do NOT EVER get a haircut by a straight man. They have no idea. Point made. It can save you a trip to the hairdresser next door immediately after your haircut. Really!!!

Life at home can get a bit boring sometimes, but at least I have an amazingly comfortable home that I absolutely love, a nice view and a lovely boyfriend who comes and visits frequently.

Ironing waiting to be done!

Long live the housewife in me....sorry I am taken though, I wont accept applications for someone who needs a boy to take care of the households *wink*


Joey said...

BB, did my mail go to the b section of ure mailbox again? :P btw, interesting scribes u had on ure thesis work. integrated or interconnected... whats HE? on another note, i always thought education is the best way for connecting the whole world... after all ure in thailand right?
which brings me abt this story of an american boy who came to visit kuching a week ago. picked him up on the way back from some tourist spot.
but the amazing thing was he is studying in thailand at the moment, international politics. didnt think they have that there. anyway, he was studying somewhere north of bangkok and will be doing some practical in some hotel (i dont understand what he will do in a hotel) for another month or so, before moving back to the states. nothing much, just that i thought of telling u that:)
ive just watched star trek in the cinema and it was bloody fantabulous and awesome...
nice piece today btw... something of my interest:)

Joey said...

whats the nail clipper doing there? instead of biting ure nails, like what we usually do, u just clips ure nails? :0

Joey said...

and i love it that ure so domesticated:) hehe... sorry just flights of thots...

BB said...

one, two, THREE comments from joey.

HE=higher education.

My handwriting should give away even more of my personality...hehehe.

Well there are quite a few international students here in Thailand, and I am doing research on that. I can tell you why they come here: for HOLIDAYS! so you met your friend when he was doing what he planned to do. travel around SEAsia.

nail clipper? gosh, are you even gay?

the email went to the "i want to create some tension" section:)

Joey said...

aww BB, im hurt:P do i create tension in u? then i shouldnt write to u anymore:P last time i checked, i was gay. at least until like now:)
the handwriting tells a lot... but looking at the laundry area, u strike as someone who is tidy... though it contradicts with ure 'pretty' handwriting:P
btw, i dont really use nail clippers, i bite, even those toe nails... hehe... just kidding:)

BB said...

I want to create tension, NOT you...if I answer in 10 minutes, it's not fun:)

haha, you may have discovered the bipolar nature of BB...

goodness, you bite...I hope you dont bite when you are caressing someone!!!

Joey said...

haha, its fun here:) well, dont usually bite anything and everything... only things i like:) with passion of course:P
strike tension in me eh... hmm... i like it, but not the last time when i thot the mail got lost in the bermuda:) hehe, just kidding. im ok with that...
r u a fan of star trek?

BB said...

no bermuda this time, promised!!

good, i like passionate people!

star trek: i saw the movie because BF dragged me...and I liked it. He is a major sci-fi fan...

Joey said...

i absolutely loved it... mr spock, capt kirk... so appealing. geez, they couldve orgy in the USS enterprise:) hehe... thats some thot.
they'd better not get mailed to bermuda... it'll break my heart:P
its nearly 6 now, the bf not at home with u? u really gonna stay at home tonight?

BB said...

naturally, I liked the Korean guy...but I have my own already, he cant fly space-ships though.

I like the visualisations...big mechanical things...

goodness, it's become a chat there! It's 6pm now. I am going to cook now (hint: domesticated BB) and then go play badminton...havent done it in months!!

Joey said...

korean guy? is he korean? u meant sulu right... u play badminton?! hehe... sorry for the exclamation mark... i play it like 2-3 times a week. its a big sport here if u dont already know:) yeah it has become like a thread btw u and me here. the bf doesnt really read ure blog right?
i like the transponders:) beam me up scotty?:P

Joey said...

havent done which one in 6 months... cook or badminton?

BB said...

yes zulu! I know it's a big sport in SEAsia, and I love playing it. I used to be very good in volleyball though.

badminton 6months. I cook frequently...and off I go!