Saturday, August 30, 2008

film critique - bangkok girl

Warning, this post does NOT contain anything gay!!!!! I am spending a quiet saturday night at home and thought that I'd invest some of my time in watching a documentary movie about Bangkok and sex trade. (surprise,'s like these words fall into place to nicely) It is most creatively called "Behind Bangkok's Smile" and filmed by a Canadian man. If you want a simple, naive documentary that satisfies your cravings for clichés of the poor bargirl from Isan, the evil Farang and the Land of smiles (well, the author made the surprise discovery that not all the smiles suggest a person being happy upon his second visit to Thailand), then this is one for you. Which pretty much means that I hated it.

The author mimics a voyeuristic, innocent and good-hearted man who, touched by the touching story of Pla, a bar girl, decides to make a documentary about her. During this movie, the ever and ever recurring clichés of the world of paid sex resurface.

The author states - and clearly feels that Pla is "different" from all the other girls. Yes, she may have a cuter smile than the one beside her but essentially she is a prostitute.

The author believes Pla when she says that she only works behind the bar and never goes with customers. Yeah right, one of the oldest excuses ever.

The author says that he doesnt pay her. I would love to trust him, but he apparently spent 4 months filming this movie with how would she be able to afford to leave the bar for so long?

The author clearly suggests that farang tourists or expats are all sex-addicted and drunk assholes who treat these poor girls badly. Dont even need to rebut on that one.

The author plays with the image of the poor girl with the hard life that "has" to flee into prostitution.

In fact, poor good old Mister Canada surely fell in love with "beautiful" and sweet Pla and then camouflaged his feelings with the noble intention of filming a movie, showing that he truly cares and he too is "different" from the other farangs.

The argument of people having to flee into prostitution is one that genuinely worries and annoys me. Surely, many Thais have an incredibly hard life. But, in all political correctness, that is not a reason to be prostitute. The girls (and boys) that go into prostitution have a clear intention to earn money (and they can earn a lot more than a girl or a boy selling underwear at Robinson's). If poverty alone would suffice as a reason for becoming a prostitute, we'd see about half of the world being prostitutes. The whole situation is easily explainable by's a market. The market of sex. It is a market with two and demand. If there is demand, there will be supply to meet the demand since there is money to be made and if there is a good supply, the demand will also increase (partly because of the low price...) The only question is, which one is first...the egg or the chicken? By the way, in a realistic market, the demand is not always met with the supply...and obvious constraint in the sex market could be high investment costs of the supplier (e.g. it is dangerous to be in the business, it is immoral, there is too high a damage for your own reputation so you will have (personal, financial) problems in the future, the job is simply too disgusting and repulsive).

So now the big question. What does this tell us about the Thai people if they are so willing to meet the demand for sex...they meet it so well that they have built up an amazing reputation for it so that the supply kept growing.....I dont want to be mean here and leave this question open but animate everyone to think about why Thais even "embrace" this trade...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympics 1 - The Chinese

We have als watched the Olympics recently, havent we? I hear and I know as a fact, most of the gays love watching gymnastics, swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and possibly athletics. Why? The answer is easy, that's where we get to see the most skin, the tightest bodies, the most artistic contributions and of course - the best bulges. That's how superficial we are, yes.

Now, the bangkokbitch is actually a big sports fan. So, he (today I feel like a man a bit more;) watches everything, except maybe shooting, sailing and that silly sport called boxing. Somehow though, midway through the olympics, bangkokbitch realised how hot the Chinese competitors were. This made him wonder whether the Chinese, who, rumour has it, select their future olympic winners just seconds after they pop out of mummy's belly - because for example they are born with a V-shaped torso and are only gonna be 160cm tall --> gymnast - or the baby is born with a small brain and a tough head --> footballer - or if they are already 180cm at birth and have hands as big as a yeti, they are of course going to become a basketballer (look at Yao Ming for that). I mean, if you look at the gymnastics winner (talking about girls for once), she is 14 years she must have started training at about minus 4 years...

So lets see what we have found.

I am officially in love with the man in the back, mister FU Haifeng. Mister FU is 182cm tall and 70kgs and gets 10/10 from me for his very sweet and athletic looks. On the right side we can clearly see that he is gay. (I hope at least).

This is the Olympic champion in badminton singles, Lin Dan, 178cm/70kgs. Now, I dont like his face honestly, he looks like a village robberer. BUT, his body is 10/10 so that wins him a place here.

The Chinese gymnasts may have won gold but for me they only win silver. Their bodies are the
craziest thing ever. Lets have a look.

Mister LI Xiaopeng, 162cm/56kgs who won the crossbars gold has a bit of a countryside face, but his mouth is soooooo cute. I wish he'd be a good kisser, doubt it however. BUT,'s tiny.

On the other hand, mister YANG Wei is only 160cm and weighs 54kgs and won the gold in overall Gymnastics, a very very skilled man...very very cute face but hey, gymnasts freak me out, the are so tiny!!! But then again, tiny men can climb all over you in bed and the distance from one end to the other isnt that far so you dont loose sight of things when you are working at one end of the body:)

This is mister ZHANG Lin, a swimmer! He is 189cm tall and 77kgs heavy....we loooooove swimmers. But I couldnt find very good pictures of him. I think he is not very photogenic. But if he gets the pimple out of the way, I will happily try to kiss his sweet face:P - IF I can reach up to 187cm!!!

Now these are the divers. They have one big advantage and one big disadvantage. Here, we have LIN Yue (157cm/52kgs) and HUO Liang (155cm/50kgs), the winners of the 10m synchronised diving competition. The advantage is obvious, we can see (nearly) everything. The disadvantage is obvious too but a bit less obvious. These boys (and we have to call them boys) are young. Mister (can we call a boy mister?) LIN turned 16 a bit more than a month ago and his partner, Mister HUO is an old chap by comparison. He is already turning 19 in a month! So we have to be politically correct and cant really call them HOT....that would be odd. But then again they compete in the olympics and are the best in the world, so we can sort of like them...and as long as we dont have sex with Mister LIN, the younger one, we wont end up like Gary Glitter with 100 photographers around us in some prison and then in the plane back to "farangland"...
So, I am sure I have missed plenty of other Chinese candy or even one or two lucky biscuits;) and lets not forget, I havent even included the athletes of the other two Northeast Asian nations, Korea (well, North Korea has a team too...and they won quite a few medals, maybe they have hotties too!!!) and Japan... lets save this for later!! In the meantime enjoy my Chinese guys.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

love and trust

Upon browsing the profiles of a few Thai gay males, I have noticed how many people are looking for love and relationship as well as trust and honesty. I cant tell you how many, but the number is about proportionate to the ones that promise you exactly that, all the love and trust and honesty in the world. Only a shame that most will end up either cheating, taking your money, lying or be unfaithul in another way....Maybe we should look in the mirror first and ask ourselves if we live up to the expectations that we have for others ourleves first.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the death of romance

Today, I realised that romance is dead.

well, it's not all quite so dramatic. but this is a scary realisation. Once in a while, I do ask myself - what is missing? where has the excitement gone? where have the butterflies gone? why is it actually nothing special to have sex with someone? why do i want to dispose of people as soon as the cum is dried? why dont i want to see people anymore after the first meeting and/or sex?
I do sincerely think that romance is dead in gay bangkok. I have seen enough of gay bangkok now. it's all about height, weight, top, bottom, pictures, large size dick, poppers yes no?, condom yes no?, my place your place?, where you live?, how long you here?, where you from? can we meet tonight? when are you free?

I want to break this circle and the swirl of silom/gayromeo/fridae and all these classifications and patterns. lets reintroduce romance, proper dates, walks, sightseeing, relaxing, hugging, KISSING, heads on someone's shoulder, candle light, a cruise, a weekend trip, a sports game and a photo shot walk in the neighbourhood to bangkok and my life.

Imagine two guys here pls.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i love you

well well well, the l-word. yesterday, someone said the l-word to bangkokbitch. and it was not a pleasant moment nor does anyone feel festive, happy or anything like that. anyway, the context first. in class, there are very few men and most of these are gay. experienced gays like us know/can feel this quickly. Anyway, recently on the trip to Seoul, one classmate got along particularly well with bangkokbitch and they became relatively close friends. bangkokbitch, as fabulous and outgoing as she is let EVERYONE, including the lost teddy (classmate), know who she thought was hot and who not. Anyhow, bangkokbitch thought why the lost teddy was always eyeing her and not the Korean boys...this all happened under the pretext of "it's interesting for me to see who you are looking at..." Alright alright, the lost teddy is only discovering the gay world so lets discover him. Then, yesterday, the mobile rang, the lost teddy wanted to come and see bangkokbitch about an essay and would be there in 5 minutes!!! comes the lost teddy and bangkokbitch explains about the essay. Then the lost teddy says: I need to tell you something. I love you. BANG!!! the l-word!!!! how long have we not heard this word? For about a decade I think. Then, the lost teddy asked if "we can do something"........nononononononononono. that's not how it works. Asking for someone to love them and then also asking if it's possible to have sex is not done in the twenties anymore....maybe when we are 15....Sorry for being cynical but it was just too much. Stay tuned how bangkokbitch tries to get rid of the lost teddy's hungry eyes while still staying friends...

just on a sidenote, it was also the lost teddy's birthday yesterday. tough luck.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

one (straight) week in bangkok

The last week was absolutely non-gay apart from the Japanese man of perfection that bangkokbitch saw and even took a picture of in the Grand Palace. Otherwise, nothing gay happened, so there is hardly a paragraph that could be written about the current life.

Nevertheless I am supposed to fill out this form otherwise something evil will happen. Here we go:

(A) Four places I go over and over: bangkokbitch home, 7/11, Siam and Subvarnabhumi.

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly: My ex-boyfriend (and these emails dont stay unanswered by the way), mum and dad, a french magazine and a gay internet site.

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat: home, at mum's home (which makes me fat), the local university canteen (cost: 22baht and eye candy for a year at least), the street!

(D) Four places you'd rather be: make no mistake, we love bangkok. and we really wanna be here. if you can find 4 places you'd rather be than now, you made a mistake and have to wonder why you are not there folks!!!

(E) Four people I think will respond: The Holy Father, Heidi Klum, Samak (Thai PM) and Robert Mugabe of lovely Zimbabwe.

(F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Dont watch a lot of TV but Sex and the City would cut the mustard.