Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy season - trying to find a job

Nono, things are not a bleak as they sound. I am sitting here at 30 minutes past midnight, and in front of me, a shiny orangey mango - delicious!

What would I do without tropical fruits? In the West, everyone says: eat fruits it's healthy and no one wants to do it because there are only apples and bad oranges.

In my fridge there are 2 more mangoes that make the whole room smell pleasantly when I open up the fridge, a bag full of mangosteens (they are better than an orgasm I SWEAR) and lychees bigger than ping pong balls.

It's raining frequently now, which makes for a cleaner and cooler air, a few sick Thais (it's the rain's fault) and amazing cloud formations. I have taken a lot of pictures from my window recently and every day is different!

Here are some samples: Click on them and save them if you wish

I am also trying to find a job. I will finish my thesis in roughly October, then plan to travel a bit around the region, celebrate Christmas with family (the first time in 6 years) and then start a job!

I tell you, it's not easy as a graduate with a) excellent academic qualifications b)published academic work in books and journals (I wont give you the link, it's boring:) c) work-experience in a research centre but c) not much other work experience.

I think they call it "practical" work. I know I would be a loyal, hardworking chap, good with people, on time, everything you wish. Heck I grew up in a very very protestant household, what do you expect???

But it's not easy. I am now looking for UNPAID internships to improve my position. Preferably in Sydney Australia, starting January '10. If any of you loyal Aussie readers have a suggestion, write me pleaaaaaaaaase.

I am interested in areas such as NGO work, policy development, anything international, development work, but also business (if an "interesting" area). I have a BA degree in International Affairs and going to have two MA in European studies and can speak a few languages.

Sorry if that was a bit much self-advertisement, but I am using all channels I can. Think about how much we/you spend in Pattaya and Bangkok on boys everytime you come here, so I am sure I can advertise myself a bit too. But I am NOT doing short-time, ok?:))))

One more thing, a loyal reader from down under is sending me a few pictures of handsome Asian men, so you might see some once in a while here. I am sure it's not detrimental to your experience on my blog:)


Anonymous said...

Do you like durian too? :D

BB said...

YES I do. but not wholeheartedly. you know....the smell:) It doesnt stink really but EVERYTHING will smell like durian for a day or so...

Anonymous said...

Does Thailand have tropical fruit tourism? I want to got to a mangosteen bar :D :D

BB said...

come to my place, I got about 1kg of mangosteen in the fridge - and they need to be EATEN!