Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another badminton night - trouble with the technician

Saturday night is badminton night. I love playing it and it's good to get out and meet new people.
They are all Thai so each weak, this is my lone opportunity to actually learn new things about these people, or just enjoy being around them.

Today, I played much better, courtesy to the daily exercises I am doing, and to the intelligent pre-eating - nuts and a mango.

It was also a lot funnier, I cracked jokes and everyone loved it. Even the man from Isan, who wasnt happy to play with me the last time, had a big smile on his face.

Of course there was a view to be enjoyed, remember? This time, the policeman wore looser pants, which somewhat killed the night for me:)

On the way home, as soon as my friend had left again, he asked me personal questions again. "Do you like this guy there? or that guy over there?" He said, pointing at various people on the road.

Then, he started more personal questions: "Why dont you live with your boyfriend?" "Are you and your Thai badminton friend really only friends?" After I said it the 4th time, he still said: "mai cheua" (I dont believe you).

What's going on here? He must have realised that I like him very quickly. Thais are good at that. One glance, and they know it. He is probably playing on it now...

In other news, I am now not on good terms with the technician of our condo anymore. Remember the steamy sauna at midnight and the other stories?

Well, I ordered pizza the other day and the pizza delivery boy (very cute by the way, and recognised me from the last time, when he peaked over my shoulder to see my cute boyfriend) had to be escorted by the technician.

When they arrived, delivery boy smiled, technician smiled too, and another gay boy, whom I had never seen passed behind them. Great, four fags in two square metres equals? Drama, you are right.

Delivery boy left, technician smiled - and said he wants to talk to me. I start eating the pizza - knock, knock. Sh*t!!!

It was the technician, he took off his shoes and was on the way into my room...why? why? who invited him? I am eating for f*ck's sake! I told him clearly: "mai dai!" "ja ma kui gan ti lang" (I will come talk to you later)

I went down 2 hours later and technician was playing camfrog, chatting to his gay-mates - as every night. I was bored after 2 minutes and said: "bpai noon" (I am going to sleep). He was surprised that I am leaving already....

Well. I would like to shut up but I have to say it again. It's not the first time I enounter this. Sometimes, Thai people will absolutely fall for you, want to see you every minute, be friends, be boyfriends, love each other or I dont know what.

The next day, they might lose all interest...lets see if policeman acts that way too.


Was Once said...

When you don't do it their way, is where you can come out as being a "bad guy" or just another crazy Farang.

prkmk said...

I love your stories...
at the end of the day, you can just laugh at what people did to (or for) you :D
I'd love to have this kind of experiences if i lived in Farangland.

BB said...

hello prkrmrkrkrkrkr:)

you see, I still love your name:)

yes, I find it funny. it's a game. It can get annoying sometimes but it's good for a blog:)))

Me too? said...

The repairman just wants to be friends :). I think it's like a Thai thing... Once they are invited to your home, they consider the invitation to continue for some extended time period. I'm not sure what that time period is, but the local restaurant lady is always showing up at my door :).

BB said...

Yes, I know that. But does your restaurant lady come into the steamy sauna with you at midnight? :))

By the way, I have a tap that's a bit broken....wait for that story, I must get his help.:)