Friday, April 3, 2009

The young Rolling Stones

I came across these 1960s pictures of the young Rolling Stones this week - and I didnt realise Mick Jagger used to be such a sexy looking guy...

Wonderful...look at this expression, the haircut and the hot lips!! Yummy - and contemporary!

Well well well, Mick. A little trail that leads to paradise?

Also, Keith Richards was quite a cutie back in the days...but lets now have a look!
Look at Keith Richards on the right...HOT!
Nice, nice. very sensual shot, and I love the clothes too!
Well no-one is looking particularly hot in this picture, but look at the fashion of the guy in the middle. (Brian Jones?) Nice Jacket and a cool, straight skinny tie!
Well, these pictures - and many more - are currently being show in the "Not Fade Away Gallery" in New York. If you live there, go have a look!


Was Once said...

You'll notice that their fashion has done its usual repeat in this generation. Peruse history to find the next fashion trend or just rip it off!

matt said...

have you seen the new president of madagascar? i think he belongs on your hottest world leaders list!

BB said...

was once: yes of course fashion already repeats itself and is a bit predictable. now: recession, so we need colours to brighten up life - DUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH. boring.

anyway, but it's still amazing how classy they looked...however I must confess I am not a fan of secondhand clothes...they always smell stale...

matt: yes I have. tiny man that...we'd have to discuss the political situation to see if he is the real president already. no one accepts him:)
I really dont know how this young little man could lead a revolution...