Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's getting more serious in Bangkok - just got home

I just got home, it is now just after 4pm. At the university, people told me to go home because the Victory Monument intersection is now blocked off.

I followed their advice and went home quickly. What did I see? THOUSANDS of people taking the BTS Skytrain that never took it before. People who have been here will know that if you take the skytrain towards Mor Chit, you will go past Victory Monument and you can see the whole intersection.

I saw that taxis blocked off the four entries to the intersection. That is really hurting the city. Tens of thousands of people work in the city and want to get home soon. My best friend just called me, she is at the Thailand Cultural Centre practicing Thai dance and she said that the BTS and MRT will be closed soon. Taxis say they want to stop traffic on all roads.

These are of course rumours, so lets see what is really going to happen...

Im kinda happy to be home.

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