Thursday, April 2, 2009

the gay bangkok week

I have been a bit quiet recently but I havent just been sitting on my hot bum:) bangkokbitch is applying for a very important job, his dream job in fact, so I need to use ALLLLL my braincells for a good application. Wish me luck!

The Malaysia Hotel - extremely quiet.

A few days ago, I went to the Yenakart/Sathorn soi 1/Sri Bumphen/Ngam Duphli area with fellow bloggers Kawadjan and Bkkdreamer since the latter has recently moved there. It is supposed to be a renowned gay area, which hosts none less than Babylon, the most famous gay sauna in Bangkok and the Malaysia Hotel, the most famous gay hotel in Bangkok.

The Malaysia Hotel. I was really there!

I had the feeling when I would go there, there would be scores of moneyboys lining the sides of the streets and that they would all flirt me, due to my hotness and the size of my wallet (it's big!! because I have too many driver's licences and business cards:P)

But, there were only a few old farangs, most with Thai girls...Of course we went to that gay restaurant, owned by a farang and his Thai boyfriend (correction: only by the Thai boyfriend). And Im sorry but if the quality of the food and the service means anything for the future of your restaurant I fear for your couple of thousand bucks you invested here.
The Malaysia Hotel again, with the now famous legs of kawadjan and bkkdreamer!

The place is very clean inside but lacks athmosphere...The food is not good. But I think it might taste good to farang tourists. The service was very good and sweet but the farang's boyfriend ruined the whole f***ing visit. We dont want to see your theatrical über-gay acting. Oh well, maybe the farang tourists like all of that...I hope it for the farang boyfriend and his invested money!

Yesterday, I had to go buy a new deodorant, since the old one (Issey Miyake) ran out and started giving me rashes. I went to Paragon and didnt find anything. But wait, there was a HOT I approached him.
That's how I smell now...anyone knows the smell?

He had a dark, quite manly face with big jaws and friendly eyes. His hair was spiffy and his voice was sooooooooft and reassuring. And all that in the elegant black Paragon uniform. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I bought some kinda deodorant that hardly smells like me. The hot salesguy said the perfume is sa-maat sa-maat (smart smart) and that it matches me. Thank you:)


Joey said...

hehe... we gays are just so gullible:)

Oscar said...

Good Luck for the application ^__^

Bkkdreamer said...

Our legs were the most interesting thing going at the Malaysia Hotel that night. The place was dead.

BB said...

hahaha, joey. YES. but I am starting to like the deodorant...maybe i am really smart, smart:)

oscar. thank you. i will need it. it's a competitive job!!!

bkk: yes, very nice manlegs you both have...:)