Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Red shirts demonstrations - do people care?

Toady, it was "D-day" again. This time, the yellows stay home and the reds come out. What's next, pink? Well I was wearing totally black today, I might have looked like police.

Reds causing havoc in the city?
Apparently, there were more than 80'000 people and Thaksin is waiting to come back to Thailand. Thousands came from the countryside to fight for "democracy"...

Last week, my professor got a call from the military, while I was talking to him. The military said that there could be chaos, etc.

Siam area. Concerts and pink colours, no politics to be seen - just fun.
Where I was however, in the Siam area, I didnt see red (except in the sky). I have hardly seen so many people in the Siam area on a weekday - and also in the skytrain. I got totally squashed.

The school kids are celebrating their holidays and all the other people are also feeling the holidays coming closer. I dont think these people cared about the demonstrations - they are sick of it and they know that it all seriously damages their economy. I really admire their calm.

A red sky - the only red I saw today.

A really divided country it seems. Somewhere in the city, people from the countryside are frantically demonstrating and demanding political action, 10 km further to the east, city-people are shopping, hanging out, listening to live-concerts and enjoying the holidays...

That's Bangkok today in a nutshell.

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