Monday, April 27, 2009

the technician comes to my room

The gay stories dont stop, they just dont stop and I dont know what I am doing "wrong"??? This one however is on an entirely new level.

I think I wrote one time that a technician from the condo came to install the internet in my place and that I had a suspicion that he was gay. Surprise, surprise, he IS gay.

Yesterday, me and the BF wanted to go swimming in the condo pool. Stop, said the security guards, we are cleaning the pool. And who comes walking in tiny skimpy speedoes, mister technician. He wore nothing but his tiny speedoes and it was a sight to saviour. He is tall and a bit skinny but not too skinny - and really nice arms.


Me and the boyfriend went to the gym instead. Mister technician followed and talked to me, since the BF doesnt speak Thai and since the technician only speaks Thai. Technician said that he is going to Chiang Rai and wishes we would join him and also that my BF looks cute.

6 hours fast forward, 10pm. I come back from 7/11 and see mister technician on the computer. He asks me to sit down with him and I cant believe it...he is chatting on "camfrog", some thai gay chatting programme, with guys who are having sex!
Just imagine that, I am just sitting down with the sexy technician and he watches porn basically. Nevertheless, or maybe because of that, we manage to talk for about an hour, all in Thai. I am proud of myself but also turned on of course! Actually he is nice and tells me about his boyfriend in Chiang Rai.

In fact, it was a really interesting insight into the Thai-Thai dating scene. I doubt many farangs have a lot to do with this scene! He is cheating on his his bf and smiling it off even though he was caught masturbating on camfrog by his bf before. This is the second time I hear these stories - it is developing into a pattern...

Then, he basically invited himself up to my room because his work was finished. Here I was, letting the technician into my room at 11pm, how sheepish of me. May I cite myself? I wrote in "being in a relationship in Bangkok 3 of 3": "There are however boundaries [...] and I would never, never invite anyone to my home. That would be like buying chocolate when you are on a strict diet – you are going to eat it!"

The chocolate in question...would it have been yummy?
HA! It took me a mere week to break the boundaries....hmmmm. However, I can reassure you, I bought chocolate, very yummy one and it was already on the table in front of me, but I didnt touch...good boy!
Technician was at my place for about an hour and we browsed through gay profiles, preferably the ones showing dicks. I really wanted to try and saviour the chocolate right there and then but reason prevailed. Phew.
Lesson learned finally? After the Lao boys and the Korat waiter now the BKK technician...I must go easy on the flirting part!


matt said...

so will you tell your boyfriend about this one?

BB said...

good question matt. no not the details but probably a "broad outline" "i talked to the technician a bit and he told me blahdiblahdiblah"...does that sound ok to you?

Joey said...

hmm, does the bf read this blog? I guess not:) btw, thanx for the emails:)