Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our monkey cousins

Food of the weekend!

On Friday evening late at night, I had the urge to leave Bangkok for a day or two and go explore a bit. A few hours later, the boyfriend and me were in Lopburi.

But wait, the way there wasnt exactly smooth sailing. Anything but...If I would not live in Thailand, I would have peed my pants and cried a few times probably. But since I live in Thailand, I just shook my head and smiled it off. What happened?

On the way to Lopburi - slow but beautiful!

To get to Lopburi, we have to catch a bus to the north - which leaves from Mor Chit 2 Bus Terminal. That's right near JJ weekend market, which is about a 5-10 minutes taxi ride. But, we took 1 hour and two taxi drivers to get to Mor Chit 2. The first one was hopelessly drunk and didnt know the way. At some point, he just stopped and shouted at us. I was stupidly thinking of giving him money but the boyfriend dragged me out.

In the bus to Lopburi, we suddenly went off the highway onto smaller and smaller roads. And the smaller the roads got, the more congested they were. There was also heavy rain. I still dont know why but our bus trip took 5 hours, 2 more than usual.
Dinner at Lopburi.

Lopburi is a little gem - it is a mini-Ayutthaya! Many palaces, Khmer temples and old houses in the middle of the city. It has a river and two grandiose roundabouts with a statue for King Narai and some UFO-like futuristic monument protected by weird-looking lions.
Impressions of Lopburi.
And then there were the monkeys!!! Especially around the three-pronged temple, there are HEAPS of them. They will take away your belongings if you dont watch out. But if you are nice, they will hold your hands, listen to you and play with your fingernails. It was so cute!

Bangkokbitch's newest faghag, bottom right!

Lopburi is so relaxing it's incredible...the boyfriend and I sat in this open-air courtyard (where they played sweet Thai pop ballads) and sipped beer. Before we knew it was 1am. Then, we passed the local disco and there were a few boys looking at us - well, we are a stunning couple. Whenever we walk around, even in Bangkok, people will mutter: "farang yibpun" (foreigner and Japanese).

Lopburi by night.

The bus back home must have been one of the most uncomfortable rides ever. We sat right at the back - a mistake I will not make anymore. The suspension, I swear must have have seen World War II. Then, back in Bangkok, the traffic was stuck! On a Sunday evening.
I know, someone I know would have been complaining the whole trip about the uncomfortable rides and the heat, di ba bayot?
Means of travel

This is Bangkok, I hear you say...but this was not Bangkok, this was Bangkok times 10! The reason according to the taxi driver: It rained! There we have it again.
By the way, the bus dropped us off somewhere on a field that was totally flooded with water just behind Mor Chit 2 Terminal. We had to duck under power lines that fell down and crawl through a net to get access to the station.


aurix said...

haven't read your blog in a while. glad you're back in the land of smiles. i've always thought that, in general, thailand has its fair share of beautiful people. happy to hear that you two are contributing to our visual landscape!

BB said...

welcome back. happy you are following the blog again.
beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but many thais are quite good in using what they have and turn it into something prettier somehow...