Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seasons in Bangkok Explained

It is summer here in Bangkok. So let me explain the Bangkok seasons a bit.

The RAINY SEASON will last from about May to October and it will rain at least once a day. Proper rain, I tell you. By October, the earth is soaked and the rivers are dangerously high and we can see flooded streets once in a while. Few tourists come during this time and I dont know why. The rain is fun (if you have an umbrella), the air is clear and cleaner and it's not quite so hot and prices are cheaper.

The rainy season.

From November to January, WINTER will make a brief appearance. The lowest temperature during the last winter was 17C one fine morning. I tell you, it's a blessing! Most people visit in this time, as it coincides with European and American holidays.

Winter, but you cant see it, it's still hot:)

After winter comes - SUMMER. Not much of a spring here. It lasts roughly from February to April and it's scorching hot. Even at night – hardly under 30C. The peak of summer time is market by the Songkran festival - the famous festival where people throw water on each other and virtually all Singaporean and Hong Kong gays will descent on Bangkok in their singlets and with identical gym bodies.

Summer! Hot season!

So now, it's summer - and oddly its raining every day. It's hot nonetheless. In gay terms, summer is a good time. At the moment, high school and university have pid term, summer holidays! That means, you can see the boys doing what they're best at: parading around, showing themselves off, dressing up - and flirting!

Yes, flirting. I dont know what is going on here, but recently I get some flirty guy look around every corner. Either my ass is now even hotter, or their hormones are playing havoc. Either way, I dont mind the additional attention.
Going to Laos!

Enjoy summer in Bangkok, this year, a French fag hag of mine is coming to visit and we will be off to Laos for 10 days.


Anonymous said...

How about showing us a foto of your ass so we can judge its hotness for ourselves? :) - Ian

BB said...

Ian please. I believe about 150% of the viewers of this blog want to see a dark, smooth, cute Asian butt and not my slightly whiter, hairier and less cute one.

It's still sexy however:p