Sunday, April 12, 2009

Being in a relationship in Bangkok - Part 1

I have been here for over a year now – single for 6 months and in a relationship for 6 months and this is my 100th blog entry, so let’s recapitulate a bit. It is ime for some thoughts.

I was meant to be the Sydneybitch...

Actually, I was never going to come to Bangkok in the first place. Thailand did not interest me at all because everyone goes there already so why should I? I was going to move to Sydney with my boyfriend.
But then, shortly before that move, I changed my mind and broke up with him. We lived parallel and boring lives. We both didnt try hard enough, weren’t doing anything to satisfy the other person’s needs. He was very anti-social and I strayed towards the end.

...but I became Bangkokbitch.

I moved to Bangkok to study my Masters degree. It is slightly weird to come here to study - people come here for other reasons...

You know what I did after I arrived here. Like everyone else, I enjoyed the ease of dating many guys - but I was never pleased with this situation. Sex is nice and its fun to try different things with different people. After a while though, it gets so boring. A dick is a dick, a kiss is a kiss, a c*mshot is a c*mshot.

I am not the one who says that sex can only be a true eye-opener if it’s combined with love. That’s utopia - with pink sunglasses. I had good sex with some dates and with the boyfriend- and bad sex with other dates and with the boyfriend too.

Five months after the break-up, I felt the need to write a letter to the ex-bf. I just wanted to tell him that I havent forgotten him and that we had a good time together, and that I missed him a little bit. He called me 3 days later; it was during the time of Songkran (exactly a year ago). It was weird to talk again; his and my accent had changed and we were not familiar with each other’s voices anymore.

Silom a year ago.
We wrote each other more and more frequently, just about mundane things, work, family, friends, nothing much. Then, we did something naughty. We exchanged sexy videos. It was strange because even though there enough reasons to find him sexy, I never saw him in a sexual way. It was an interesting and extremely thrilling feeling to desire him.

A few weeks later, he called me again and said: "Hey I booked a ticket to Bangkok, I am coming to study there for a year." I was shocked, really really shocked. I didnt know what to say.


Joey said...

That was indeed interesting. Hmm, whats more important is that u and bf are together again:P cherish each other. Hope you guys will have many more years together:P How long more are u expected to stay in Thailand? Would u mind to disclose the particular postgrad course ure taking?

P/S: Is it safe at all to visit Bangkok at the moment? I am supposed to go there this Saturday and I am indeed very disappointed with the current situation there... sigh:(

BB said...

joey. about the situation. at the moment bangkok safe. just avoid the reds and gatherings. saturday in 6 days? no idea....anything can happen until then...

and thanks for your lovely comment!
i study an interdisciplinary of these new fashionable ones where you're supposed to learn everything about the world...

and i plan to leave thailand in about october.

Joey said...

Thanx for replying:) Already once in Dec last yr, I couldnt travel to Bangkok, largely my fault. My passport ended up in the washing machine and it was crushed to the core. Worse still, I have prepaid my hotel bookings. Sigh... so right at this moment, I could only ask one thing... WHY DOES IT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME? hehe... but i think im gonna brace myself and fly to bkk anyways. Again, I have prepaid my hotel bookings... haha...u must be thinking doesnt this a** learn his lesson yet.

So I guess after Oct, u would effectively not be Bkk B***h anymore:) and I think what best place to study everything abt the world if not Thailand:)

Btw, My great grandma is Thai. But for the record I cant speak Thai if my life depended on it:) and yes, one day I would like to live in Thailand.

TAO said...

If you leave Bangkok, then you will no longer be 'BB' but....


I remember when the Yellow Revolution was going on in Manila...I had to call the states to get an update about all the turmoil...I was too busy having fun to notice anything political!

BB said...

joey, a blog lives off communication with readers. comments really ecourage me to keep writing - it feels like "someone is interested".

Hm. not sure about Bangkok. The uprising is now contained to the Government House area but many shopping malls are closed etc. I saw a lot of crazy things today. maybe I have time to write about it.

A Thai grandma? and the rest is american? I am also very multi-national, however not multi-racial. Even though I got the "are you half-thai?" about 20 times in a year already.

TAO: I will become "bitch of whichever company/ministry will employ me and whichever city/country that will be in"

I keep you updated of course!

In the meantime, my dear readers I am fleeing Bangkok to explore the peaceful Laos. So long:)

Oscar said...

Once I wrote you I'd like to know more about your past and now my wish comes true :-)
I'm looking forward to read part2.
Have a wonderful trip in Laos.

Joey said...

Well, for the record, Im not American. Im true blue Asian, somewhere closer to Thailand. I am from Malaysia.
As for the 'interested' part, I am indeed a avid reader of ure blog. At the end of the everyday, I go home, switch on my Mac and read few blogs... one of which is yours truly and few others.
I have visited Thailand for 3 times last year and once early this yr for a friend's graduation at Suan Dusit University. I would be lying if I said Im not charmed by Thais.
They are a polite lot and I do feel at home with them. However, language is definitely a big barrier. I am learning some Thai but definitely not enough, like I said earlier, even if my life depended on it.
On a happier note, Im happy to know the standoff btw the protestors and the govt has come to a standstill for now at least.
Ill be flying to Bkk this Sat... keeping my fingers crossed. Have a wonderful time in Laos...

BB said...

joey..interesting. you are malaysian...i have written about your country one time, did you see that?

about thailand. apparently things have quietened down. i heard that even here in laos. so it must have happened about 2 days ago;)

dont be charmed by the thai people. it's the start of many problems for people. but im sure you know about them...

some of them are extremely polite, to the point where it becomes embarassing. others however are extremely selfish. dont be fooled by the smile please:)

kawadjan said...

wonderful post, bb.

Joey said...

Hi there, it's nice to know that u are still connected to ure blog even thought ure in Laos.
I'm not sure or remember if I have read ure piece on M'sia, but all the same, I'm enthralled with the neighbour country more at the moment.
The smiles are infectious, but of course I am a novice compared to u when it comes to Thailand:)
Obviously u do have some unpleasant experiences with the Thais, judging from what u wrote, however, it can't be just the studies which are keeping u in thailand still.
Where are u gonna go to after Oct? Another Asian country?

BB said...

Thank you very much kawadjan. your comment means a lot to me.

joey. yes it is the study. i like it in bangkok but wouldnt start a career there. i'll miss it badly but there are many nice places in the world. if you want smiling, sweet and nice people you might want to try laos!