Thursday, January 1, 2009

Joyeux 2009/ sawatdiiii bpiiiii mai 2552

Happy new year to everyone. Now that the Californians and Hawaiians are in 2009 with us too, I can wish you ALLLLL a happy 2009 (for the Thai-o-philes 2552).

Well, it's been about 6 months since I started this blog and it's been doing quite ok (reader-wise). I do get ok feedbacks from my friends too but I would really like to urge you to just leave a little note if you like something, or if you dont like something. As this blog is not a one-to-one representation of my life I am very happy to take suggestions on board and try to include them.

As you might have noticed, I have tried to put a bit more quality into the blog; including my own pictures. That is also a reflection of myself. I have grown up a lot, especially in the last few months. I am acknowledging that I am not quite 20 anymore and am thoroughly happy about that.

And that's about it for "looking back to 2008". I am fairly honest in my blog and it is most of the time a reflection of my moods and feelings, I think you best read the blog if you want to know about my year "2008".

BUT, I want to look into the future. What will 2009 be all about?

In 2009, I will... Of course, I travel every year. As most of the time I will try to balance "traditional trips" such as visiting family and professor with some more adventurous and proximate destinations. Therefore, I will...

...visit new countries. My guess as of now: Belgium, Cambodia, Japan or China, Lao.

...move again. Since I moved away from my parents' home in 2004, I have lived in 7 flats/houses/dorms with 12 people, one annoying girlfriend of a flatmate, two cute little cats and one stinky dog. This year, I will move away from the boring upmarket soi I am living in now to something cheaper, and more fun!!!

...and...move again. Yes, this year I will leave Bangkok and Thailand. Trying to find home number 9 and also a job (finally). Move to where? At the moment, either Europe, Australia, Singapore or (quite unlikely, somewhere else in Asia). Lets see.

...fall in love even more with Bangkok. I love Bangkok. Every day. It gives me so much. It makes me tired, it makes me smile, it drives me crazy, it brings out the good and bad in me, it kicked me in the guts, it helped me up again, it's enchanting, it's bitchy, it's raunchy, it's peaceful. It's everything. When I think of leaving our city, I already have little tears in my eyes. fucking hard. In the next 9 months I need to write 2 theses, finish up some coursework, and most importantly of all, get myself organised for the next and possibly most important step of my life, the start of the career. Bring on the challenges, I am ready.

...improve my language skills. I more or less speak 7 languages. Some of them very "less" but some of them pretty well. I need to get better at Thai and either get better at Korean or start Mandarin. Mandarin is the holy grail of languages.

...improve my Thai cooking. I have exactly time until March 20 for that. Then I will move out of my flat with kitchen and move into one that probably doesnt have one. If there is one more thing that I want to take with me when I leave Thailand, then it's a deep knowledge of the food and its ingredients. a good boyfriend. Self-explanatory:) I am very happy with my Korean starlet. Lets continue.

...keep up the blog. It's my way of self-expression when I have thoughts and ideas. It's my way of keeping up with what mischief I am up to. It's my way of keeping track and not forgetting the crazy things that happen here.

...improve my physique and appearance. I look about 200times better than when I arrived here. I dont know why. It's probably the diet and the fashionista influence that especially one friend here had on me. (thank you for being my fashion guidebook bayot;)). These days I am working out a lot and my pecs, oooooooooooooo, they are growing quickly. Also, my fashion style is quietening down a lot (but growing in quality) as I am personally growing up as well.

That's that for now. I wish you all a wonderful 2009, world peace, less povery, no wars, more equality between poor and rich and a Miss Universe title. :P

pictures will follow!


Opy said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog for about a week now and I love reading about your travels and your life in Bangkok! I find it all very interesting!! I plan to study abroad in Japan and then try to live there after graduation, and I love learning more about Asia and other foreign countries. So, yeah, I love reading your blog. ^^ I never knew much about Bangkok until your blog, so I think I've learned quite a bit. Nice to meet you! Also, I love reading about your romantic adventures. XD

BB said...

hello mister opy.
wow your comment made my day. it's very nice to hear that people like you enjoy reading about my thoughts, my life and my bangkok.
japan, I heard, is a much harder place to be as a foreigner I heard, but you should pursue your dreams, always. should start writing your blog, I wanna know what an aspiring writer in love with Japan has to say.

aurix said...

sawasdee pee mai to you too. wish you the best of luck in 2009. i'm sure it's gonna be an exciting year!

BB said...

Thank you. the same to you mister aurix. as long as I stay in bangkok, I am sure it will be exciting:)

Anonymous said...

Forget Singapore dear. Sticky rice capital of Asia. And nowhere near as tolerant of gays as Thailand. They don't call it the nanny state for nothing. Even Beijing is better than there. Try Sydney. And don't forget to bring the BF with you. - Ian

BB said...

Thank you very much mister Ian. happy to hear from my loyal readers. well.....i have been flirted with a few times in singapore already. nevertheless, this choice is not about gay men but about 1) career and 1 1/2) boyfriend. i know the pros and cons of singapore...there are many on both sides:) lets see...

Ciaran said...

hello BB.... i am about to move from Singapore to BKK and have been sniffing around the net to root out delightful truffle-like blogs like yours which are 100 more time enlightening than any guide book.... thank you, thank you... i have spent the last 2 hours reading it from start to finish and have thoroughly enjoyed every post.... to be honest i am a bit perturbed at moving to BKK.... see, thing is i would like to meet a BF, but every indication is that may be difficult if he is a local guy. anyways, keeo up the good work. cheers, ciaran

BB said...

Wonderful. thank you very much ciaran for your comment. I think it can help you to read these blogs, however I hope you noticed that there is not ONE gay life here. Dont fall into the "gayromeo/silom" trap. But feel free to explore. Take things slowly. You can get a "boyfriend" any time but a boyfriend is difficult, as it is everywhere else. One last thing I can recommend you. LEARN THAI. It's the best investment.
good luck for your move. you can leave your email if you want more information:)