Monday, January 19, 2009

The most handsome leaders of the world - part 3

After letting you wait for sooooooo long, we will now get to the bronze and silver rank in our competition.

Sadly I couldnt write anything because I am just way to exhausted. I worked the last 4 weekends about 7 hours each day - unpaid of course because this is university. If it would have been proper research work at a good university, I would have earned a SHITLOAD of money putting together these reports, texts, presentations and so on. But I dont. I only get A's. hehehe, at least that. Today we had a simulation excercise in one of the farangland embassies in Bangkok. We negotiated trade and aid deals between the European Union and the ACP (African Caribbean and Pacific). I was the representative of the Pacific Islands and got many many good concessions, investment promises and so on from Europe. bangkokbitch the star negotiator. We also yelled a bit and I complained about someone's attitude. bangkokbitch the fierce bitch ;)

So anyway, lets continue with our handsome leaders. I only want to put pictures of number 3 and 2 today because number 1 is especially handsome!!!!
BRONZE medal. Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of NORWAY.

Gosh, we have had Finland, Denmark and now Norway. I like Scandinavians and their style. Well not the drunken Swedes at Pattaya but the smart-looking ones.

Jens. You are a hottie! It's like you are a friggin model. Normally he looks like a little boy with red cheeks but gosh-o-gosh they really showed him how to pose on that picture - and he did it.

Runner up and Silver medal. I am sure you Thais were waiting for this. Abhisit Vejjajiva, PM of Prathet Thai.

Lor maak maak handsome!! The picture above is a bit dated and Abhisit is therefore even cuter. These days he's a bit rounder....but we all get rounder...except a few bulimic bitches.
Ther person I am talking about knows I am talking about him now:P
Anyway, enjoy the beginning of the week and I will post more often again!


Anonymous said...

If you think he is handsome, wait til you see his 16 year old nephew. Cuteness to the max. - Ian

BB said...

Ian, I saw the pictures of his nephew....ICE-CREAM by silly!!! I think a bit too young for me...but on the way to looking very good. :)