Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The gay construction worker

Today, a construction worker made the bluntest move on me ever. I was amazed. As I was walking down my soi (Thai word for sidestreet), I was thinking about construction workers and how gorgeous they actually are - and that I should write something about them in my blog. Not 10 seconds later, I saw two eyes spotting me from quite far away. I walked on, the eyes got closer and I could see that they are rather pretty ones. Big eyes, but not dark brown eyes...light brown with big, even and curved eyelashes. As I approached him, he turned around and swung the cable that he was holding right into me (softly, it didnt hurt). I was surprised and dodged the cable and looked at him. He wore the littlest of smiles possible, opening his pretty eyes even more. MY GOD. It was virtually an invitation. That man was very very blunt in his action yet amazingly restrained in his facial expressions. Normally, if a guy likes you here, he would stare at you for seconds or give you a huge smile. But that man just had elegance, decadence and curiosity written all over his face.
THE construction site, with onlooker...

I have the feeling that this man would be great in bed - possibly quite sensual...something I missed a lot when I slept with Thais. I actually think that this man was not Thai. Possibly, but most probably Burmese - possibly Laotian or even Cambodian. Construction sites are literally an amazing sight here in Bangkok. They are numerous as condos, hotels and other towers are being built like crazy - the remainders of the boom. Construction sites are like ant-hills. There are hundreds of workers every day working from 8am to midnight. They all wear a sweater and jeans. Some workers wear a headscarf to protect them from the sun and others only wear flip-flops. Surprisingly, about half of them are women and very few are of the rough, tall and muscly type. They are between about 18 and 60 years old - and many of them are actually pretty cute. Many of them are not Thai either. I dont know exactly but I think most of the non-Thais are Burmese (the "lucky" ones that didnt get sent out in the ocean......). The mix of nationalities is of course reflected in their varied looks. I heard they earn about 100 baht a day - 3US$. At midnight, when the soi is dark, about 5 old rickety trucks come to pick them up. The mix of dozens of construction workers literally piled into these old trucks, which then drive them off to some sort of accomodation is a scary one. It actually reminds me of the transportation of prisoners.

The soi, construction site on the left.

But lets not end this post on a bad note...I was hit on by a pretty construction worker - when has THAT ever happened?


Anonymous said...

I once took an early morning stroll at Luang Prabang and watched in fascination as a stream of young men with steely muscles like wire carry their loads from river barges up the high embankment. Some only wearing shorts. No flirting there - sigh! - but they were yummy in a rough way and made my mouth go dry. - Ian

BB said...

Yesyes, the fantasy of the construction worker. but I have to say again, he was not tall and strong and muscly...but a tiny portion!
Luang Prabang...that sounds awesome...I am going there in April!

Anonymous said...

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