Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weird story by "The Nation"

Well, just read for yourselves please. Here's the link. It's quite odd. I always knew that Thais have a big thing for ghosts but the fact that this story is on the main page of the second-most read English language newspaper is a bit disconcerting.

This is the text:

"Many teenagers turned up at the charred remain of Santika Pub at 2 am Sunday to take photos of the building.
They said they heard ghosts would show up at the scene of their death three days later.
A man, Natthawut Urapen, 29, showed his mobile phone to reporters, saying he had taken what appeared to be two ghosts.
The man said he took the picture at 10 pm Saturday and became frightened to see two spots in the picture which looked like ghosts.
He said a spot appeared like a man at window and the other like a woman standing on the roof."

And here goes the picture:

See the ghosts?

Two questions by bangkokbitch:
WHO "told" the teenagers there will be ghosts 3 days after the fire?
WHY this magic 3-day deadline?
WHY does the teenager only see the ghosts on his picture and not when he actually looks at the rubble?


faraway friend said...

Remember that movie "The Omen" where images predicting deaths would appear on film but not to the eyes?

BB said...

hey mister faraway friend. welcome to my blog!
no i dont know about it, I must enquire. and dont take this article seriously. it's more to show what kind of weird news can get into newspapers here and also about the slightly strange supersticious beliefs of Thais