Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The most handsome leaders of the world - part 2

We have to advance in our list, I am sure you can not wait to see who are the TOP5 most handsomest ever leaders in the world. So who are these lucky states who get to benefit from having a hot man and their helm?

At number 5:

José Sócrates (de) Carvalho Pinto de Sousa, Prime Minister of the great seafarer nation of Portugal

Look at that MAJESTIC gesture here. José does not only have by far the best-sounding name of all leaders in the world, he is also good at grand gestures. And as José is showing his generosity (probably he's just given someone a bottle of Port wine for free!!!) , can you hear the sonorous voice of his? Lastly, I must confess again I am a real real real fan of salt&pepper hair. In 30 years, I want to have salt & pepper too!!!

Coming closer to the medal ranks but just missing out at 4:

Michael Misick, Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

I hear you say. WHAT? WHERE? WHO?

Let me explain. The Turks and Caicos look like this:

and are situated here:

Just above the Dominican Republic in the Carribbean, MAAAAAAAN. OK, end of geography lesson.

Michael Misick is glam, glam, glam, drama, bitching, cheating, bling. That is surprisingly GAY!!! He would have been in the top3, but there is one problem. He's really into women. Really, really. He is seeing a former soap opera b*tch. Well, he's married to her. But it's also rumoured that he's seing a young girl. And finally, he's also accused of having raped an American tourist. His soap opera b*tch took the sheets from his bed and rushed off to the FBI in America with them. DRAMA!!!

So lets have a look at his pictures.

That's Misick with his soap opera b*tch.

The GLAM!!!

No, his wife has not had a boob-job. I dont know why you are thinking that:P

ALL in white......where is your Cadillac SUV Michael???

That's the girl he is cheating his wife with. Cute, na?^
So that is Michael Misick. A hot glam Prime Minister...a recipe for the medal ranks - but he's too STRAIGHT!!!

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