Sunday, January 25, 2009

Postrubbersoul is dead :(

Dear mister postrubbersoul. I hope you read this. I just clicked on your blog in anticipation of some news and what awaits me on your page? "this blog has been deleted by its user". :(

That is such a shame! You only started so recently and I really liked the content of your blog a lot. It was a breath of fresh air - a young (non-arrogant) Thai writing about what it means to live for him to be in Bangkok.

Sad. If you read this, mister postrubbersoul, please say hi:)


Anonymous said...

hello. it's me.

sorry about the blog. i stopped it because i had no real direction in blogging it from the start. the idea was either i blogged about life in thai or in english. by choosing to blog in english, i was reducing the chance of 'getting caught' (thai blogosphere being a little larger than non-existent) but you saw how it grew quite personal and political, and i was concerning about my privacy. (harry is captured, the economist is banned, and who was i to defy it? whatever it is..) besides, i'm running out of things to write and had no intention of updating it anymore.

i'm considering starting another new blog if i have enough time. it'll be about records or books. i didn't register the name 'post rubbersol' for no purpose ;)

BB said...

Hey. That's a nice surprise to hear from you! You know we have pretty much the same thoughts actually. I am not sure where my blog is going either. Actually I am a very political person but I can not write what I think...Having said that, if you have an urge to say something or you have interesting thoughts(bar politics) you should always write them down. You can still publish them later.
You know, I loved your contributions. So frank and fresh. There are not many gay non-sex scene bloggers, let alone Thais.
I hope you'll find a suitable format and direction soon...Until then, lets keep in contact somehow!