Monday, January 12, 2009

The most handsome leaders of the world - part 1

Politicians are not known for being handsome, cute, hot, attractive, fashionable, elegant or even sexy. But plenty of them are. Here are my personal TOP 10 of "THE MOST HANDSOME LEADERS OF THE WORLD".
at number 10:

Monsieur François Fillon, French Prime Minister

Monsieur Fillon, quelle élégance. j'adore votre friendly smile, the grey couleur of your suit and the lush hair, brushed aside rather effortlessly. Pure Frenchness.

coming in at number 9:

Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Mister Prime Minister of our southerly neighbour might not be the youngest in the bunch here. Nevertheless, look at that nice pin-striped suit and scarf, the scarf, the scarf. NICE!!! From his face, I think Prime Minister Badawi used to be the guy that everyone found so handsome in primary school...

following up at number 8:

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark.

Mister Rasmussen. You show us how to age well. Look at this prime example of salt & pepper hair and the wise, reassuring and friendly smile! And the sharply pronounced jaw line of yours, Mister Prime Minister, many people would kill for that!!!

and number 7:

Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minster of Singapore.

The second Southeast Asian in our TOP10. Mister Prime Minister of the Merlion City State impresses with this very very very light choice of shirt and tie. Where can I buy it, Mister Lee? I really wanted to place him much higher because he really is a handsome man with a cute smile. Plus he is taaaaaaaaalll. But there is a problem. Weight, weight, weight. You see, it's not just the problem of us commoners but can also affect leaders. Mister Lee has gained weight recently and looks considerably older and - dare I say - a bit chubby. We do nut put up pictures like this though. Still a good 7th place for Singapore.

At number 6, and the best of the worse half of the TOP10:

Matti Taneli Vanhanen, Prime Minister of Finland.

Matti. Hands down, you have the greatest looking glasses of all politicians I have ever seen. Mine are actually quite similar:) but I want YOURS. And the tie with it. And please tell me...who do I have to pay for them to make such a cool.......ahm.....graffiti portrait of me. I dont care that Finns think you are boring but I think you are cool, as cool as your winter up in Finland.
So, we have 3 Europeans and 2 Southeast-Asians in the lower ranks of the TOP10....Lets see if the dominance of these two regions continues for the TOP5 the next time!!!


anabela belikova said...

Anders Fogh Rasmussen is ferosh. the jawline says it all! now, bb, how do you say "i want your babies" in danish?

Joey said...

u gotta be kidding about abdullah ahmad badawi... hehe. seriously?

BB said...

well well joey....i think 20 years ago he would have been really really handsome. i can see some traces of it left - and I just like his scarf...he must have been cold at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland...:)

Anonymous said...