Tuesday, December 9, 2008

two sex changes or a perfect bangkokbitch?

Well well well, what did I stumble upon in my readings in the Bangkok Post? An ad for a clinic. With a pricelist. And it's very interesting.
-Eyelids ("the Korean surgery") at 200$US. That's a piece-a-cake. Tomorrow I will have eyelids darlings.
-Liposuction. F**k I need it I am no size 28 and 55kgs (like my boyfriend). 625$.
-I am getting one year older next week and starting to get a few lines along my eyes when I smile--> Two solutions: I will NOT smile anymore or I will get the lifting. 875$.
-And just as I said before, I need to tuck in that tummy.1,250$.
Now for the new bangkokbitch...2950$US poorer but perfect. BUT WAIT...for 1625$US I could become a woman. And if I am not happy, maybe for 1625$US I could go back to man and get a new little bangkokbitch, 8 inches long and perfectly straight! I am sure they give a package. So either tummytuck, liposuction, new eyelids and a facelift or becoming a woman and a man again. Both about 3000US$. Which one should I opt for, it's my birthday on the 17th, the jury is out!


Anonymous said...


I would say go for the first choice.
But, seriously, sex change!?
I say it's a one-way trip.

BB said...

one-way trip to hell I think. I still have 6 days to think. but i wonder though what the crossed-out thing is, i cant be bothered checking in the dictionary and it's only 125US$. more my budget:)

BB said...

oh I wasnt meaning to be mean to women but I do enjoy having a dick...how does the song go again? one way ticket to heeeeeeheeeellll....and back.:)

faraway friend said...

Regarding the $125 job...at least you wouldn't have to worry about getting them pinched in your shorts anymore.

Plus I hear it cures baldness!

Though it may be too late for a career in opera.

bb said...

mister faraway....well that option hsa been cancelled out already. apparently the silicone ran out or something...:)