Monday, December 15, 2008

Temples and Buddhas

You guessed it. I took dad to Ayutthaya. Actually I enjoyed the city very much. The old town is a mix of a normal if not a bit neater typical Thai small city and of the majestic ruins of the former capital of Siam.
We rented a bike and ventured out to see temples, buddhas, and also some temples and buddhas - and even some temples and buddhas too. Dont get me wrong, they are ALL amazing but there's only so much I can take. Luckily we went to the "Cultural Studies Center" which had amazing displays of how the city used to be. However we were the only visitors there! All in all, there were hardly any tourists in Ayutthaya except the odd frenchman and -woman.

Maybe that's why the high-school boy just blatantly stared at me for seconds and seconds while I was ordering food and eating it for lunch. The student was cute with big eyes. He is well on the way to becoming a fag:) I wonder what dad thought though. I must say that eye-candy-wise, Ayutthaya has been by the the best out of all provincial towns I have been. Maybe the proximity to BKK or maybe just luck/badluck.

The results of the day: a red neck and chest and many many pictures. I will share both with you. And please put a cold towel arond my neck, it's still burning hot!!!

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Anonymous said...

how did you get there, by bus or train?

was it a day-trip?

tips for gay travellers?