Wednesday, December 3, 2008

small world

...provided for a surprise today.

sometimes the discoveries that we make are amazing. I am sure ALL of you have at some point been surprised by some variation of the following: a friend talks about someone and you suddenly realise that you know this person. It could be, your friends fuckbuddy is a friend of yours. Or you discover that you have been disappointed by the same person in the same way. Or maybe your ex is now fucking your best friend. Im sure all of these have happened already.

Well today something like that happened to me. I was talking to a pinoy friend who lives in Manila. He was telling me how I need to check his facebook. I went through his friendlist and discovered some guy and for some reason I clicked on his profile. I thought I'd heard that name before. He's from some small country in Europe. I then for some reason went through this guy's friendslist, it must have been my intuition. And I found no less than 14 people that I "know" too. Know to several degrees. Some are friends, with some I chatted once and they are long deleted, others came on my chest....hahaha (sorry that's a bit naughty). But I thought that's a bit weird, 14 (!!!!) people. Now this guy has about 400 friends and doesnt even live in BKK but still. I then talked to my best mate, the moralist and he said, oh it's ****. I know him. My friend fell for him and so on...and he is frequently found at Soi 4 (Silom that is of course).

Now what does all this mean? Either: I "know" too many people? Or this is a manwhore and he knows every gay in BKK? Or, this is bound to happe, even in such a big city like Bangkok.

All of the three are right. I think in the meantime I do have quite a lot of acquaintances. Most of them led to absolutely nothing! I do bump into people in Bangkok, which is a bit surprising given the size of the city. But then, the Bangkokbitch is well-known and apparently has a new rival!

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Anonymous said...

Manwhore possibly. A simpler explanation is that perhaps he is a man of good taste. - Ian