Thursday, December 18, 2008

The sales guy and the temple cleaner

In the last two days, I had two odd flirt-situations. I don’t know why but these days the people seem extra-ready for flirting. It cant be the festive mood because there isn’t much that is celebrated here around this time of the year.
Anyway, It was my birthday yesterday. Two days ago, I went to the mall with dad and my two friends from class. I saw that my favourite clothes shop had a big big sale. I decided to take advantage of the sale and checked pants. With jeans or pants, it’s always essential to try them on first prior to buying, everyone knows that.
Yet, there was a Chinese Thai sales guy who told me with a smile that I cant try on because it’s sales. Well, somehow my two friends and him started talking and suddenly he agreed to measure me up and then measure the pants to see. Even though he was a bit shy (and me to by the time) he took the measuring band and first stood right behind me and then knelt down in front of me. Gosh, my imaginations went wayward. We then joked around more and he said I should try them on and take off the other pants. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOP. Later on, he also gave me his “personal guarantee” that the pants would fit. I call that a very good service and I shall be back to that shop.

Yesterday, me and dad decided to go to Nonthaburi, as we both were seeking a bit of diversion from the ubiquitous concrete desert in Bangkok. Having arrived at the pier we took a tuk-tuk to the nearby temple. The temple is quite amazing, mixing up Thai and Chinese architecture.
I took thousands of pictures (ok not quite) when a guy with a broom walked past. Maybe about 30yo, Thai-thai, a bit shorter than me but quite a sporty appearance. He looked at me and walked past, and I followed him, because I was walking in that direction anyway. Then there we were in some remote part of the temple. Him cleaning the floor, me taking pictures. It was awkward but also a bit exciting. Exchange of a few glances. Then I went past him to the other side as my dad called me. Dad told me he is going out and will wait for me. Cleaning guy walked past again and this time we exchanged big smiles and I said ‘wat dee krab. He was positively surprised and said oh, puut thai duay (and you speak thai too...). Well, more didn’t happen of course since I am a good boy.
My bf got this cake for me. So sweet isnt it?:)


Anonymous said...

about the flirting season, it's either due to the festive mood or because you're extra hot.

the pants analogy work for thai marriage too. (speaking strictly from my personal opinion) you can try any other pants as you like. but for the one that you'll be wearing for the rest of your life, you can't try it unless you but it.

i'm glad you were a good boy when you met the cleaning guy inside the temple. who'll know if someone will pop out of somewhere. such a strange place to flirt too. ha-ha.

BB said...

are thais in a festive mood? I have lectures these festive mood for me and my fellow thais.
I must be extra hot then, even in the cool season;)
by the way, I had another flirt from a salesguy at suan lum night bazaar. this guy was seriously handsome. he helped me with the shirts i tried and spoke a cute english and gave me this extra-second looks.
I do admit, flirting in a temple is odd. I swear to God I could have had sex right there and then if I wanted. odd...

aurix said...

if this were cruising season, i didn't notice it lol..

great blog, by the way!

BB said...

wow thanks for your comment mister aurix. nice to hear from you.
it IS cruising season...but then again it always is here.

i'll have a look at your blog too, looks interesting!!