Sunday, December 14, 2008

bkk tourist photos

Since I am a tourist in BKK these days, I took some pictures. Not so many yet, there shall be more but certainly enough to present you with a little compilation. Enjoy!
By the way. I had non-experiences with two gay taxi drivers today. The first one was funny. I flagged him down, told him my destination. He agreed. At the next intersection he asked me: left or right? He suggested right, I said left. He then said so much in Thai that I felt he told me his whole life-story. And such a camp voice. His face really didnt look like his voice...While I was thinking that he stopped. I then understood that he didnt know the way to my destination so he didnt want to take me.
On the way back from Thong Lor (soooo hi-so...hehehe) I flagged down a taxi driver for my dad to bring him to his hotel. I saw a young guy behind the wheel and smiled a bit. He was one of these tallish, skinny guys with longish hair and a cute face. Fair enough. He didnt know the way to dad's destination. But then he suggested I should show him the way. I couldnt and only later realised that I should have let him wait and flag down the next one for dad. In the heat of the moment I didnt realise that and told him: mai pen rai krab (dont worry). I was stupid:(

p.s. tomorrow: day-trip to Ayutthaya!

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Nut said...

Love the pictures. Keep the posts coming...:)