Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Christmas for me isnt what it used to be. At home we used to celebrate three times, one time with mum, dad and my two brothers, then with my dad's family often with guests from the other side of the world and then with my mum's family. It was always great fun (for me), especially the contrasts between my dad's family (lots of chaos, silly presents and bad food) and my mum's family (ultra-planned, every grandchild gets 1500bht (40US$) worth of presents and the food had been the same for the last 60 years).

Xmas at Siam Paragon. Dont ask me what Thai girls throwing some middle-ages style flags in the air has to do with Christmas.

Since I moved away from home, it meant less and less to me. Sometimes I would celebrate half-heartedly with my bf and sometimes I would be with my aunty. Now in Bangkok it's not too different. Strangely it reminds me more of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern. It is rather cool (well...sorta) and there are no silly bbq's on the beach. Otherwise, I must say, Christmas here is actually a lot more honest than in the christian "west". It's about shopping, holidays and the lights. I think that's what it's mostly about in the "west" too, only that of course there are more serious christians who celebrate it for what it originally meant. From that point of view, I really enjoy christmas here. I am not a believer in the gospel so it always used to be about the family and a bit about the snow (which never came) and the romantic athmosphere. I miss that. But then again, for 5 years I had heat and bbq's and hardly any family so I forgot the feeling.
Xmas here must also be the flirting season. Additional to the clothes salesguy and the temple man, I had intense eye-contact with a Chinese ├╝ber-cool tourist with two fag-hags and the clothes salesguy from "keven" in Siam Centre. I dont know what I am doing wrong (or right)...I think it has to do with my newfound, much more manly and adult looks.

Xmas at Siam Paragon

As I was talking about the meaning of Xmas, I cant not write about what the Pope said the other day when he was talking to his dear followers in the Vatican. I am tolerant of all religions and think they are a great thing if they enrich people but I have no respect for the pope. He said that that the church should "protect man from the destruction of himself (meaning homo- and transsexuality). He then made this alarming comparison: "the tropical forests deserve our protection, but man, as a creature deserves no less". (Source, The Guardian).

I dont feel I need to comment a lot of that but I am astounded that the catholic church is so concerned about gays, lesbians and transsexuals. What are we doing to anyone else?

I read the online-comments to an article on an internet-site of my home-country and normally about 2-3 people comment on stories - on this one however over 100 commented, largely being angry and dismissive of what the pope said.

I am quite proud of my country-fellows for taking a stance in support of tolerance. Some interesting comments (not literally translated):

What does he know about sexuality anyway, he is not allowed a sexual life.

If we were to subsitute "gays" with "jews" we'd be back at the holocaust again. (bb: the pope was a member of the Hitlerjugend (hitler youth)

Whatever catholic is silent at this verbal crime is just as guilty as the people who didnt oppose the nazi's in the third reich. (bb: ok this is a tough comparison, but interesting)

In the true spirit of Christmas, I wish you a happy celebration,

LOVE YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND PARTNER and GO SHOPPING, the bargains are good this year!


Anonymous said...

I think it has to do with my newfound, much more manly and adult looks. An interesting statement but puzzling. Tell us more.

Evil and evil actions, in this case the Nazis, can only succeed if good people do and say nothing - in other words the German people knew Jews and gays were being sent to their deaths, but looked the other way. In today's world, it's about time South Africa took a strong stand against Mugabe. Or the world took action against the regime in Burma. Six months after the cyclone and nothing has changed. - Ian

BB said...

Ian, thank you for your comment!
I will write something about the looks soon. I have many thoughts these days but not so much time to write them down...
I agree with you especially on mugabe. It would be SOOOO easy to bring him down if the will was there. The problem is that mugabe is something like a mini-mandela to many people - a saviour from the white race and colonisers...sad that people think so simple.