Friday, September 19, 2008

Yoka boy

Dear readers, I am sorry you had to wait long for my update but more important things kept me busy virtually every minute of the last four days.

Alright, exams finished, date completed successfully, badminton played and planning for my trip advanced a bit. Time for the blog.

Ok, the date with Yoka boy. You might remember, I was a bit naughty a week ago and sneaked yoka boy's phone number while his friend the japanese tourist 1 was in the shower. That was rude of me I must admit, but it paid off. I am learning slowly that opportunities do not come twice (see the other opportunities that were not taken a few months ago: blowjob in Centralworld toilet with a hiso guy, sex in the taxi with ayutthaya boy) I had to grab the opportunity.

So we agreed on a date. We met near his workplace, which luckily is only 15 minutes walk away from my home. Then we had dinner at the local market. I turned around and saw a huge mosque. Now I dont want to turn this into a cultural blog entry, I still must admit that having a mosque, a hindu temple, a church and a buddhist temple within 15 minutes walk is quite cool.

Back to yoka boy. I was a bit stunned when I saw him. The last time he struck me as a really down-to-earth guy with a bit of an over-casual was not bad but I had seen more fashionable guys in Bangkok. Not that it's THAT important but we do all know that the clothes we wear say something about us. This time around, yoka boy was dressed in his work clothes. A black shirt and black pants. He looked handsome and elegant - and he was soooooooooo shy. 30 minutes before he called me to say that me might not want to stay at my place because his hairdryer might wake me up. Was that just Thai friendliness or was that a way to save his face?

After the dinner we walked to my place and - arrived inside - we enjoyed the view together, soon being very very close to each other.

The hairdryer problem was solved and apparently his reservation was just to check if I really really wanted him to stay over.It hadnt felt so nice to hug someone for a very long time. Then, we softly fell on the bed where we enjoyed the skyline together, closely holding onto each other. His mouth had that kind of taste that you just want to keep kissing the whole night. We didnt quite do that one of my arms was surely touching him all night and he made cute little noises whenever I put an arm around him. We did have sex too but that didnt matter at all. We were both pretty nervous and it was more the kind of sex where you stop to just smile at each other and hold each other tight.

Lets hope these arent the last lines that I will write about yoka boy.


TAO said...

With a night like that I seriously doubt that this will end up being just a 'quickie"

bkkdreamer said...

That's a sweet tale. I, too, would like to have gay sex at the apex of a mosque, a hindu temple, a church and a buddhist temple!

BB said...

tao: yes, I agree. now lets see, some things that happen here are not entirely logical:)
bkkdreamer: well, the nice thing is that the sex wasnt important at all.