Thursday, September 11, 2008

Strange 9/11

Well, 9/11 was really strange. And it had nothing to do with terrorism, Arabs with beards or skyscrapers, and not even with Texan Presidents and NY firefighters.

Nono, yesterday I had a candle light shower. It was ultra-romantic. As the flickering light dimly lit the bathroom into a warm, orange light, the silhouette of my body was projected on the wall of the shower as I could see myself rubbing the jasmine-scented soap onto my silky skin.

Ok, snap out of it, there was a power cut and I was too afraid to shower in the dark. Hehehe. So I had to get my lovely candle, light it up and find a place for it somewhere in the shower. It was romantic, but I was alone and it was 7.30am. Not so romantic after all.
Bangkokbitch's silhouette as he was having a shower in the dark. OK, forget about the light in the foreground;)

Bangkokbitch's silhouette as the power went back on again:P

One hour later I still had no power and I was getting freaking hot (remember I live in Bangkok, it's about 28 degrees C at 7.30am these days outside) as my fan and aircon didnt work of course. I started to get worried because the lift in the building worked, which means there must have been some kinda source of energy. Maybe a hidden solar panel or windmill on top of our building or just a simple power generator with diesel (lets not be illusionary about the Thai Green credentials). I started checking my bills and found that I paid the power bill in due time. Instantly (like 2 minutes later) the TV went on again. Ok, the Gods have maybe just waited for me to check my bills. Actually it rained. Rain is an excuse for everything here. Not coming to a date? "it rained". Being a bit sick: "it's the raining season". Being late for work: "it rained". Power cut: "it rained". I am starting to get Thai too and dont like to go out at all when it rains. At the beginning the Thai rain felt rather nice as it is really warm and you dont need to put on 2 jackets when it rains because it's so freaking cold like in other - less blessed - parts of the world. But now I hate the rain. Lets bring on the dry season!!!

The other odd thing happened on the skytrain. The skytrain in Bangkok is used by middle to upper-class people (not the very rich ones, they use their Mercedes) - and students! Especially my line. It's a wonderful place for sightseeing and I have been picked up in the skytrain before!!! I firmly believe it's possible to pick someone up from the skytrain. I -and I am not the only one here - always scan my neighbourhood for candidates.
Yesterday I was peacefully sitting in the skytrain and the door was still open as we were ready to depart. But there was a guy standing just outside of the door and looked at me with a HUGE smile. Now this is not "a bit of shy flirting", this was a clear sign!! I gave him a questioning and rather serious look - something like "why the f**k are you smiling at me like this?". If he would have been better looking I would have smiled and gone out to ask him personally what he would have liked to tell me. Maybe he could have explained me while I would have been massaging his shoulders with my lovely lemongrass massage oil. But he wasnt, so I gave him an evil look.

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