Friday, September 12, 2008

im out there to break hearts

Yesterday my mission seemed to have been to break hearts. Ok, only two of them. But two a day is enough. I dont like doing it.

The lost teddy being lost.

You may remember the lost teddy. He is my classmate and in officially love with me since August 12. That's about a month now. Not much change since then. I walk somewhere, he will try to join. I talk to my favourite girls (and guy), he will stand besides and wait patiently. We are going to eat together, he will obviously seat himself as far away from2 me as possible (I guess that's supposed to be a noble gesture for me). Today, the lost teddy hit the jackpot again and I had to be a bit rude. After having lunch with the classmates, I wanted to have a coffee to discuss a few gay things with my lovely classmate, the persian bottom (he is 100% thai but looks very middle-eastern). Of course, the lost teddy, wearing his typical loose track pants, carrying a HUGE sports bag and 1.5litres of bottled water discreetly joined us - so....I turned around and walked away with the girls, bitchily saying "I wanna go home". The persian bottom and the lost teddy were now trapped together. persian bottom friend later told me that he playfully flirted with the teddy but that the teddy thought this is a serious attempt, saying, "persian bottom" we cant be in a relationship. RIDICULOUS. This man is confused and has no idea. Someone help him pls.

The second heart I broke yesterday is a Japanese one. Japanese tourist number 1 (number 2 probably wont come due to the "political unrest") came to Bangkok to relax from the tough everyday life in Japan, to visit his Thai friend the yoka boy (thais cant say yoga) and to visit me, the bangkokbitch. As it happened, we all met at his hotel (poshposhposh) and had dinner (paid by the japanese tourist 1) at some good italian restaurant. Now what's gonna happen, I see you think. Bangkokbitch sensed quickly that there are looks that are just a bit too long from the yoka boy. Bangkokbitch returned them. Then, we all went back to the poshposhposh hotel, me with some Beer LEO, The japanese tourist number 1 with a bacardi breezer and some 7up and the yoka boy with some iced coffee. Hehe. The beauty of Asian people is that a lot of them get drunk really really easily. Japanese tourist number 1 was quickly drunk and was tired, lying down on the bed. Me and the yoka boy were outside on the balcony on the 57th floor when yoka boy shily proclaimed: "I like to be hugged". Ok, that was a clear pickup line. Later, I made a hint that my shoulders are hurting. Within about .5 seconds, the yoka boy was behind me massaging my shoulders. Yoka boy was staying at the hotel since the two of them used to be flatmates too back in Australia and since his home was rather far away. Yoka boy pushed the japanese tourist number 1 to go have a shower, which he didnt wanna do (I know why). Then yoka boy went himself, finally followed by the japanese tourist 1. So, that means yoka boy and me had a few minutes for ourselves....What did we do? I asked his phone number. Then he was stretching his body close to me and just hugged him, touched and stroked his arm and head and rested my head on his. It felt very nice. Then we went on to touch each others hand softly. He closed his eyes and smiled. But oops, someone else is still around and we suddenly had to move away from each other. Then I went home and got an sms from japanese tourist 1 asking whether I was interested in yoka boy. I answered honestly and broke a japanese heart. He said he doesnt want me to join them today and then went on to say how he can only cry now.

Bangkokbitch breaking hearts.

Voila, two hearts broken today.

But one new phone number of a really nice and cute guy...


Anonymous said...

Evil queen! Hope you enjoy teaching your yoka boy yoga. Is 69 a yoga position? :)
As for Lost Teddy, take him aside and explain that you are not and never will be interested. In the long run it will be a kindness, especially if he hasn't got the message already.

BB said...

He will teach me yoka I think. I will request the best positions for being close to each other:) He can do that amazing position of putting both legs behind his head!!!

I explained mister teddy already. I think adults need only hear this once. I may have to tell him again but I hope not.

aurix said...

oh man, ruthless. lol

BB said...

ruthless perhaps. but, yoka boy is the only guy I met in my time here that I actually like and see a (small) chance for the something more. I believe being introduced is the best way to meet decent people.