Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bangkok without bangkokbitch

bangkok is without bangkokbitch. have you noticed how it's not quite the same? some spruce is missing these days and I tell you - it will be missing for two more weeks.
as announced in the last post, bangkokbitch travelled to farangland. today, he arrived with great fanfares. in the meantime, the singapore boys have all got a sore neck because they all turned their heads after bangkokbitch. it is actually a bit true, I got a lof ot attention in Singapore. Who knows why but that was the case.

Singapore boys have sore necks
Arrived in farangland, I was picked up and driven to my old university to say hello to my former collegues...I hugged a few from the back and they shrieked. Others offered me Belgian chocolate while one former lecturer went on criticising me for not doing a phd since I apparently had "the potential". After so much welcoming I went to see my place for the next two weeks, a room in an outdoor sort of mini-house. I am surrounded by mainland chinese people with a below-par fashion style. The guy that I share my bathroom with is tall, skinny, works at Burger King and loves cars. He is hot!!! But all my noises in the shower (nono, there were no moans) helped nothing and mister burger king is not reacting. Unfortunately he is due to move out tomorrow anyway. It's a bit strange here because I am practically staying at my friends place - whereas she is either at work, at University or staying over with her boyfriend. She jokingly said, oh if you are cold I will come hug you and maybe we can sleep in the bed all three of us. Yeah, I wouldnt mind....

Bangkokbitch flying away
Talking about things that come in three. You remember the Japanese tourist 1 and yoka boy? I met yoka boy again for dinner. This time we ate fish stomach soup, crab friend rice and vermicelli with prawns. Yummy. Afterwards I dragged him to my home even though he forgot his wallet in the office. I lent him 100baht, which he refused about five times out of embarassment. Poor yoka boy didnt want to be treated alike a moneyboy of course. At my place we started hugging and kissing soon and then he started unbuttoning my pants. Telephone call. Blahblahblablahbyebye. Ok, start again....touch my cock, suck it. telephone call. Blahblahblah. This time I put on my shirt and my pants and started reading my mum's email out of protest. Suddenly yoka boy was quietly standing behind me, put his arms around me and asked about the email and saying sorry...I wasnt 100% in the mood anymore, but still 90%. He is good with his hands and varying between very good and poor with his mouth. I touched him too but mister yoka boy's big cock didnt want to get very hard. He had next day work on his mind...I can accept that. Diligent Thai men are not found in abundance and it's better to have someone diligent who goes home early than someone who lies or pretends. I like yoka boy. He's a good guy, I am pretty sure about that. He's nice and cuddly and once in a while, a smile rushes over his face when we kiss. However, I am not in love -yet at least.


Anonymous said...

Rule Number one - pants off, phone off. If not, throw him out because he is more interested in his silly friends than getting hot and sweaty with you. - Ian

BB said...

have you been to thailand before ian? if you apply rigorous rules here you wont get far. i do agree with your rule though. i would rather extend it. being with someone you like (not just for sex) - phone on silent.