Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the lesbian apple and the hi-so date

We all know there are some political troubles in our beloved country. Bangkokbitch will not comment too much as she doesnt feel quite qualified enough to judge the situation and the involved people. The only thing she has to say too all of the involved....please embrace Thai values such as modesty, consideration, cautiousness a bit more. In plain English. Stick your heads together and find a bloody solution - without blood!

The lesbian apple.
But now to the more interesting things. Bangkokbitch is becoming a lesbian, as much so as she was called, and I quote "a traitor to the gay movement" by no less than the bamboo diva. What happened??? Well, I have a new friend...the apple. The apple is a really really (really) cute girl, well, a lesbian. She looks and dresses boyish but isnt a tomboy. I like her *blush*. I really like her to the point that I have just a bit of a good feeling in the tummy when I am around her. We actually spend a lot of time together like EVERY day now...but she is a lesbian, so she likes girls and I am gay and I do prefer a nice dick to boobs...even if hers are not that large...oops...a bit naughty there. Actually, the apple and me, we get literally OGLED by the Thais (mostly hot and fashionable GAYS...) Why??? It doesnt seem very common to see a boyish cute Thai girl with an obviously gay farang...I wonder what they are thinking. "Does the farang think she is a boy?" "Does the farang know he is with a lesbian?" "Can a farang gay be with a Thai lesbian?" "They look f*cking HOT!" "I wanna be his boyfriend/her boyfriend!" ....and so on. Pls...I am open for suggestions.

Imagine Bangkokbitch getting a massage by the hi-so gym guy here.

The other thing that happened is highly positive. I had another date...(a bit many again these days). This time with hi-so gym guy. hi-so gym guy is already 30, well....that's still young (I dont want to offend anyone) - as he would go on to prove....Anyway, we met at Emporium (hi-so alarm!!!) Then hi-so gym guy took bangkokbitch to the restaurant...and treated him. LOVELY!!! I LIKE!!! next time is my turn...hehehe. then we proceeded to the adjacent park where we walked around the lake about 3 times and then sat down on the bench for some talking. upon sitting down, hi-so gym guy's leg touched bangkokbitch's leg and that's when I knew how this is going to end up. Later I suggested to either " go SOMEWHERE for a drink or to my place for a drink". The answer was of course clear. A few minutes later I was naked on the bed getting a 30-minutes oil massage by the hi-so gym guy. That was then followed by nearly 2 friggin hours of caressing, touching, holding, squeezing, slipping, licking....you name it. but NO intercourse. It was mind-boggling. The hi-so gym guy was so manly at first but then suddenly revealed an incredible tenderness. I would have NEVER thought that. And his body. OHHHHH MY GOD. It's as tough as steel, EVERYTHING. the chest, the tummy, even his ass, pure meat. Wonderful. Ok now I am going into overdrive. Just to say, this was not only about the sex at all. There was something more. But wait, here's the problem. I am going away in 3 weeks and when I am back he will be in New York - for a few MONTHS. tough luck.


Anonymous said...

Woow, You don't like your classmate gay but you likve your classmate lesbian. Is that political effect? hahaha

Anonymous said...

It's always the way - I can't recall the number of times I've met a really cute guy on the last day of my holidays. Where were you when I arrived a week ago? Still it's easier to keep in touch these days with email, SMS etc rather than snail mail. - Ian

BB said...

thanks for your comments. well, I am ok with the hi-so gym guy leaving soon, it's about the expectation. if we know from the beginning we dont expect too much, so that's ok.
yes I love my lesbian classmate, she is very very cute. I also liked my ex-boyfriend's (the eye of the tiger) lesbian friend, a boyish and very gorgeous Korean girl.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for asking, but what is a hi-so? And how did you meet the hi-so gym guy?