Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My future husband (or wife?)

The signature look. I love it/him.

After this depressing account of bangkokbitch's problems with the 7/11 guy, we now turn to his future husband (or wife).

Wonderful smile in front of that aircon-unit in the background.

Love this style. SCARF in Bangkok, I wanna try that too (even if I am going to sweat like there is no tomorrow)

Yoshi a little younger on the left side. On the right side he's out there to get me. HOT!!!

Wonderful that vest, very very fashionable. On the right he lost it. สาวมากๆ!!!

The Thai band C-Quint is pretty out there at the moment and at Siam Center a couple of months ago, bangkokbitch and bamboo diva saw them perform live. We both fell in love - with different members of the band of course. Bamboo diva with....oh I dont remember, sorry honey and me (of course I remember) with Yoshi. Ok, it's a silly name, but try his friends: Pitt, Bank (he must be good with money), Best (his parents must have known he is something special) and Fluke (that is just plain funny). So no question, Yoshi is the best.

His friends. Fluke, Bank, Best, Pitt and my husband.

Little Yoshi. Gay at the age of 5 already.

YOU are going to be my husband, bangkokbitch.

Enjoy the pictures. Next time I will post the pictures of Yoshi and me getting married. Please let me know if you find him any good and what you think about his friends.


Gibo said...

he has to tame his hair a bit, otherwise, you guys are all ready for the altar. don't forget to send my by post the wedding invite :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd say you got the best of them. Although Best (second from the right?) looks good to me. Just between us girls, I really want Pitch from Love of Siam. Everyone else says Mario, Mario, Mario but Pitch s too cute to resist. - Ian

TAO said...

Get him a haircut before the wedding....

Typical me I am always drawn to the quiet broding types...I am attracted to Pitt....

Always think there is some hidden mystery....and there never is....

BB said...

I dont know your problem with his hair girls. I LOVE long hair. okay except that girly shot, that's just repulsive.
re gibo: The wedding will be on Tahiti by the way. I saw this ad on TV and I wanna go there:P

re anonymous: I am pro-pitch of Love of Siam too. Mario is a nono in this movie. Now he looks 10000-times better. I saw him at Siam Centre a week ago by the way.

re Tao: hehehehe, funny, what is it with this mistery business? care to elaborate?