Sunday, September 14, 2008

bangkokbitch minus 2000 baht

nono, I wasnt robbed or anything.

today was a good day. I went shopping to jatujak with bamboo diva. We shopped there last week already but neither of us was really in the mood and I hadnt planned what I needed to buy so that was a major disapointment. This time however it was different.

Since I am heading to a colder place in 10 days for a "business-trip", I needed to refurbish my closet.

What does a proper homosexual do in that case? ALL the clothes on the bed and assess the wardrobe.

The result: I needed to buy a few shirts of plain colour wearable with suit, a scarf of any colour, a sweater of any colour and optionally a few accessories and some black pants. The result: success. All the way. We decided to heat out to JJ early today and that was the key to success. There at 10am - ok 10.15 since I am ALWAYS late. Sorry bamboo diva!
The result of the little adventure you can see here. I am really proud of the two of us. We worked all the Sois of importance to fashionistas and Bamboo diva was successful too of course, reaking in four shirts! For me, I can call a brown sweater, two white shirts and one pink shirt, green way-fares (is that how to write it) and two absolutely divinely magic or magically divine scarves. This all for less than 2000 baht. A good deal.
The result. Look at these green sunglasses. If you spot them in BKK you might see me, the bangkokbitch in flesh and blood.

Apart from all that shopping we also flirted our way through the weekend market. It was quite incredible today. I think I set a new record for eye-contact-smiles in a day. I must have looked quite stunning today as I am not really in flirting mood just now.
And in other important news. I told you last time that there will be more to follow on the japanese tourist 1 and yoka boy story. I can keep the promise. Japanese tourist 1 has deleted me off his MSN and there shall be a dinner date with yoka boy on Wednesday. Things are looking up indeed!


bkkdreamer said...

We look forward to hearing about the dinner date.

Are you sure those scarves are enough to keep you warm? They are scarves for a summer climate...for silly girls, or gays wanting to show off the rest of their wardrobe.

You need a woollen scarf, I suspect.

BB said...

bkkdreamer, I am all of the above: [silly girls, or gays wanting to show off the rest of their wardrobe.] ;)
However, I will regret my choice when I will encounter these stiff and cold winds!!!