Saturday, September 27, 2008

the chinese racists in farangland

Today, bangkokbitch received a threat by some Chinese people. Well, it's not quite that dramatic but still. I think the Chinese here dont like a farang so they want to punish me.

but step by step. as you remember I am in farangland at the moment. unsurprisingly it is cold and rainy. yesterday it was cold and sunny and it was lovely though. anyhow,I am not really realising where I am as I am just around my friends and dont really think about where I am. having lived in farangland for over 3 years, I just feel at home here, even though many things are very foreign now. bangkok is like a virus. as soon as I am in subvarnabhumi (bkk airport) I already miss the streets, the noise and the people of bangkok. however, I can sleep a lot less here and still feel a lot more relaxed and energetic, I guess bangkok wears us down a bit too.

here in farangland, I am staying with my friend, the hongkong glam queen. the hongkong glam queen is a bisexual girl and has been a very close friend of mine for a few years. she has a boyfriend and thus, she always stays with him at night (that old-fashioned chinese boy can not understand that a screeming queen like me is not a danger to his POSSESSION, e.g. girlfriend) . That means I have the hongkong glam queen's room for myself at night. nono, I can see you think that I am inviting hordes of boys....that is NOT true, besides whom to invite here....? No idea. anyhow, the house here belongs to mainland chinese. and all the tenants are - you guessed it - chinese. and there are about 8 tenants or something. now it's pretty odd for them that suddenly a farang gay with thai clothes stays here. So what do they do? charge my friend double with the reason of "two people stay there so you should pay double". now I think that is blatant racism. in farangland, landlords normally charge about 20% more for a couple staying permanently. we are neither a couple because the hongkong glam queen stays at her boyfriend's place every night and I am neither here permanently - luckily. she is so upset and says she will never live with chinese anymore because "they just want to make money". I think it's a penchant for making money AND racism.

actually, the neigbhour was a tall skinny and rather hot chinese boy - but he left now. maybe he didnt like to have a fag next to him.


TAO said...

You invaded their "ghetto" as someone who has had a chinese bf for 25 years I can attest that they are a close bunch....

There sense of "family" is quite a bond...once an elder tells them to knock it off and tolerate you (which is the most you can ask for) then things will smooth out

BB said...

problems have defused now. see next blog entry.