Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The 7/11 guy that ruined my sleep

Fellow blogger bkkdreamer has already extensively posted on his 7/11 (boy) experience here and here.

Now it's my turn. This has long been a topic in my daily life, not recently anymore though. But this morning at 5:06am it became rather current again.

Let me tell you the story from the beginning.

I realised 7/11 guy likes me about 3 weeks after I moved in my place here. He worked at the local 7/11 at nights and I'd often go out late to get some water or juice or whatever I needed. (condoms were not bought from there - EVER). We flirted a lot and even though he is not what we would call a classic Thai beauty, I thought he had something nice in his eyes, life and honesty. Then, I turned up with my friend, the badminton sixpack, a hot (the name says it) and handsome man from Bangkok (central Thai look). That made 7/11 guy jealous. He immediately asked me the next time where I lived and whether that was my boyfriend and whether I lived alone etc. Things looked up. Things looked even more up as I saw him one day outside of the shop getting some food. I stopped and asked for his number and name. I called him and the next day he was in my place before he went to work - to chat a bit. Nonononono, there was no sex. He was shy and I could feel that, so I thought lets take it slowly.

From then on things went downhill. Either he was disappointed I didnt fuck the hell out of him, or he was not quite content with my place or he became even more shy, whatever it was but mister 7/11 guy didnt answer my calls anymore. Then one day I saw him outside the shop at midnight drinking with his friends. I joined and we had a good time. Then we walked around (he was with his two ubiquitous girlfriends). He hugged me and then we parted.

That was it - for about 2 months... except I sent him messages when I was drunk like "Kit teung na ja pii xxx (I miss you older "brother" xxx)". He seemed to have less working hours and the 7/11 was closed for a month for renovation.

Until this morning at exactly 5:06am.

Me: " Hello".

7/11 guy: "Hello, can I come to you? I work at 7/11 now"

Me: "Ahmmmmmm.......I just woke up"

7/11 guy: "I want to see you now"

Me: "Did you change jobs I didnt see you for a long time"

7/11 guy: "Yes, can I see you now. I work tonight too."

Me: "Ahm.....I just woke up........."

7/11 guy: "Ok, sorry, bye."

Up to you to think what you want. I am still confused as to WHY and especially WHY AT 5:06AM he had to call to see my right now. Even though I was about 85% asleep even when I talked to him, I remember that he was seriously nervous. After the call, I had to do something and then fell asleep. I dreamt about giving 7/11 guy a blowjob and then that was all set up in Korea. When I was finished he left me and I was sad. Oh and I also dreamt of the bamboo diva (see in other posts) and of watching a football game in England in a deserted town, where I caught a train. Ok YOU try to make sense of that. That sounds like I am a bit fucked up.

I think his girlfriends told him to to call me or something. My answer to his weirdness is not conclusive at all, here a few possibilities:

  1. "He has a (farang) bf": He hardly EVER takes the phone and speaks passable English. Yet he denied when I asked him if he had a boyfriend.

  2. "He is SHY.": That's very possible. But the ones who say they are shy are generally not.

  3. "He is bored by me." Possible. I think we are both more on the feminine side of things. I dont care about that at all - but Thais do!!! But he loves touching me....even in 7/11 when he is working!!!

I called him just before - but no answer of course. Let me go see him in 7/11 later and see what the bangkokbitch-7/11 guy-saga will hold for us today.

ADDITION: I went to 7/11. The guy was there and VERY VERY shy. He said sorry and he was in the disco and a bit drunk...ok lets see what happens next.


bkkdreamer said...

Thais call whenever the mood takes them, even if they haven't called for months, and even if it means calling in the middle of the night.

He was probably going through the names in his telephone memory, feeling bored/lonely, and wondering who he could call.

'Do you miss me?' he might ask. You say yes. Sometimes, that's enough. You may not hear from him again for another two months. It's childish, but they do it.

PS: You had much more luck with your 7-11 guy than I did mine.

TAO said...

I think BB and bkkdreamer have both ran into the same 7-11 guy....

BB said...

7-11 guy is alive again and gets all shy when I am in the shop. He'd always say "hi" and smile. Then he'd rush to some shelf to pretend he's busy and he'd be watching if I come talk to him before I leave.