Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bangkokbitch gets insulted

first of all the good news, I am less sick. I can breathe again and I am not feeling psycho anymore thanks to that silly drug...

But then, the other day someone commented on my blog entry dating Thais - a wrap up. Read this:

"I think you farangs just ignorant individuals - you do not fully appreciate the culture neither do you want to understand it. So embed with western values that cannot be imposed to different cultures, no wonder you guys are misreble old queens.

get out of Thailand!"

wonderful. I was shocked first. Some person wants me out of thailand.

Then, this mister anonymous guided me to this forum called to be enlightened by him. Well, he did write an interesting article in the forum and I answered precisely but since then, mister anonymous has died.....where are you? who are you? why did you lash out against me?

anyway, the boys (or more appropriately: the gentlemen) from sawatdee-gay-forum did not welcome me at all to their forum.


some of them thought that they had to be either drunk or high to read my blog. I also asked a serious question regarding HIV in bangkok, since I thought I was among the wasnt received well at all. well, I dont know why you dont understand what I write but maybe your world is just a little too different from mine. I will stop reading your suggestions about go-go bars, pattaya and so on and you can stop reading my accounts of my daily life as a young person trying to live a life which nearly exclusively revolves around young urban thais.

p.s. the promised pictures will follow...I have collected quite a few already

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Bill said...

First, when I lived in Bangkok I was occasionally insulted by local Thai gay men (not that gay men exclusively insult, -that's just the only experience I had). It was jarring and disturbing to me because it was so un-Thai of them. For those who've never spent time in Thailand the words "un-Thai" may not make sense. I you live(d) there, well you know what I mean. Anyway, I figured out that this was a reactionary response, in one case a guy that tried to hit on me and thought I'd rejected him, and another who thought I reminded him of a bad farang (and there are plenty of not well behaved farang let's not forget). I quickly learned to let it go but I remember exactly where I was and how it happened,-that's how jarring it was. In such a peaceful social structure (on the surface at least) it is shocking to get insulted. I know what you mean.

There are lots of jilted Thai guys who've been messed about with by western guys. I feel for them because the western guys who do this make it hard for the good guys to date. There is always an air of suspicion with Thai men, and rightfully so in many cases. But after a while this gets old and difficult to deal with.

So, it's jarring, but don't take it seriously or hang on to it. You were only (without knowing it) representing westerners or foreigners in general.

Second, sooner or later lots of people who aren't Thai get told to leave. My insult was very similar; get out of my country now!

I've often said that for farang gay men sex is easy, but dating, now that's a difficult thing to succeed at in Bangkok.

I miss it, but I don't.

Take care.

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